The CBC Claims it has No Bias Despite Race-Based Management Practices

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on January 16, 2021

In an article put out by the CBC titled, “CBC defends efforts to diversify workforce at CRTC licence hearing,” the publicly-funded news organization explained the hiring practices and other race-based initiatives that CBC senior managers attested to pursuing over the last year.

Of course, the CRTC is going to renew the licences of the CBC, but the hearings are a time for the CBC to display its progress at implementing its woke-agenda inside the news organization.

For Canadians who are not of a left-wing progressive political perspective, much of the CBC’s reporting on their progress on supposed “diversity” may come across as quite concerning. 

It shouldn’t come as news that the CBC’s working definition of “diversity” is purely based on race/ethnicity. The CRTC licensing commission was specifically focusing on progress on “the CBC’s pledge to hire more staff and managers from underrepresented groups.”

The CBC admits to having made significant changes to their policies relating to diversity and inclusion as a response to 500 current and former employees complaining about the alleged “systemic racism” around the time of the BLM protests and riots during the summer of 2020, which the CBC only refers to as “protests”.


In response to these complaints and public pressure, the CBC established an “anonymous hotline for employees to report experiences of subtle or overt workplace racism,” and that employees would also “undergo training on unconscious bias, that the corporation is working to bolster the number of diverse hires in senior management,” showing an extreme socially left-wing bias in the internal management practices at the CBC.

Unconscious bias training is actually a fairly radical practice. It teaches that even if you aren’t racist, you can still be racist without even knowing it, the testing for which has been proven to not at all be reliable in any way.  

The CBC even admitted to specifically trying to hire people to senior management positions in part on the basis of “diversity,” (ie. race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity). 

Despite the CBC making radical changes in its internal policy when it comes to race-based off of riots/protests happening in the United States and 500 employees in a demand letter, they are not so open to changing when it comes to Canadians discontent with the perceived political bias coming from CBC.

The CBC in their own report admitted that they received around 2,000 submissions that believe the CBC and Radio-Canada are biased and only 1,350 that saw them as fair and trustworthy.

The CBC’s editor and chief Brodie Fenlon said he takes concerns about bias “incredibly seriously” but then, in the CBC’s own words, “argued that many complaints about CBC coverage were parts of organized campaigns rooted in politics.” 

Fenlon followed up on that comment stating:

There have been, frankly, concerted efforts by various camps and some senior political leaders to undermine the public trust and confidence in journalism. So the complaints we see fall within that background.

Organized campaigns were put together by some conservative organizations to have conservative Canadians to submit their views of the bias coming out of the CBC, but that seems to be beside the point and should not undermine the opinions of those making submissions to complain about bias. Unless the complaints are copy-paste text each submission should be taken seriously.


Speculation of political organizational involvement should also be placed on positive submissions by Fenlon’s own logic. If the CBC is biased leftward, which all conservatives almost unanimously agree it is, then wouldn’t left-wing organizations be motivated to make positive submissions regarding the CBC? 

It is quite telling of the state of the CBC that they can be putting employees through pseudo-scientific unconscious bias training and starting up anonymous tip lines to report supposed rampant racism, but at the same time supposedly the executives at the top of the CBC cannot see there is a left-wing bias in their reporting.

CBC’s Rosemary Barton attacking Andrew Sheer over his choice not to march in a pride parade.

CBC’s Rosemary Barton attacking Andrew Sheer over his choice not to march in a pride parade.

The left-wing political think tank the Institute for Research on Public Policy even admitted the CBC had a left-wing bias but excused it by stating that “if there were more left-wingers than right-wingers in the country, then CBC would merely be representing the distribution of political affiliations in the population,” which is not being unbiased that’s simply playing to the crowd if we are to even accept the notion that the average Canadian is as left-wing as the CBC.

This is why so many conservative Canadians have been moving towards independent conservative media online, as at least they will be getting the conservative perspective on issues from sources that are open about their bias unlike the CBC and other MSM sources.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

3 responses to “The CBC Claims it has No Bias Despite Race-Based Management Practices”

  1. Agha Ali Arkhan says:

    CBC has a firm racist streak against white Canadians.

  2. Michael Moyen says:

    CBC has always been one sided and continue to push the liberal ndp and green parties up and the conservative parties down. In the end the best candidate for jobs should be the chosen ones regardless of race or political affiliation

  3. Ed says:

    Just look at their Opinion or Analysis sections to see the proof. Not a single conservative voice.