Rachel Gilmore Helped Spread Doxxed Information About A Pro-Freedom Indigenous Woman

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on December 5, 2022

Global News reporter Rachel Gilmore and her supporters fearmonger a lot about the “online hate” and “harassment” she receives on platforms like Twitter, but are Gilmore and those who orbit her, innocent of engaging in harassment against those they disagree with? 

First off, it is important to state that the vast majority of Twitter users condemn those who are needlessly vulgar, or who send death threats to reporters they disagree with. At the same time, anyone who has worked in media, legacy or independent, is used to that sort of gross behaviour. Reporters like Rachel Gilmore like to play up all the negative content, in order to draw attention to themselves. 

Recently Gilmore has been appearing at events about “online hate” where she, along with other journalists and Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino, called for legislation to try and prevent “hate” and “harassment”.

It would be pretty ironic if a legacy media journalist like Gilmore gave juice to the harassment of those she disagreed with and spread doxxed information posted by ANTIFA-affiliated accounts. Well, that is exactly what she did in the past few months. 

A Twitter user who goes by the name Brattani called out Gilmore after her most recent “online hate” event for having facilitated harassment against her, back when she was supporting anti-mandate veteran James Topp.

Brattani stated as a part of her long tweet thread:

Hey Rachel, remember that time that ANTIFA doxxed me? They shared my job, personal name, and even my hometown on Twitter against my consent. All because I stood up for a veteran you were calling a white supremacist.

I remember, and I remember you even justifying sharing it. You thought it was funny while I was being harassed, you even shared it a second time while I was still getting calls at my job from your followers 

When I filed a police report from all the messages, they actually took me seriously, unlike how they handled it when you called. Unfortunately, we both know ANTIFA are mostly [anonymous] accounts. 

Although she is not one to play identity politics, Brattani jabbed at Rachel Gilmore based on the fact she technically has been helping to harass an Indigenous woman. Brattani posted a photo of her Indian status card for proof. 

(Photo from Twitter)

It should also be noted that despite Gilmore pretending that the “harassment” she receives (ie. mostly just disagreement and mockery online) negatively affects her, as a journalist, really she has been made a more valuable asset to Global, based on all negative and positive attention she has received by fighting with her critics online

Brattani’s situation is quite a bit different. As she explained, the negative attention she received could only be harmful to her well-being and the well-being of her children:

As a single mother living alone with three daughters, this made me feel scared and vulnerable. My job is the only income I have to support my three native daughters. Why would people want to ruin that? 

Brattani then proceeded to shred Rachel Gilmore’s elitist legacy media persona and demonstrated what real character is all about.

She stated:

While my job is being contacted constantly, I never once reported you for this. Know why? I’m not a victim. 

And since you want to now play victim, I am going to play your game with you. 

You, Rachel, are a misogynistic, privileged, colonizing white supremacist, who willingly allowed a native woman to be harassed in the name of virtue signaling. 

You used your privilege, power, and platform to cause real harm, and you never even deleted the post or apologized. In fact, you reshared it later to justify it. 

And that is why you’re a hypocrite of the worst kind. I will once again, ask that you apologize publicly to James Topp for slandering his name. 

Brattani later also mentioned that she has never harassed Gilmore online, and her only major post about Gilmore up until she called her out was posting a photo of herself dressed up like Gilmore for a Halloween gag. 

Legacy media journalists like Rachel Gilmore need to cool their jets when it comes to fearmongering about online harassment. Not only is the vast majority of “harassment” and “ hate” just rude posts or disagreement online, but people like Gilmore are really just hypocritically taking negativity directed at themselves seriously, while they ignore, or even promote, the harassment or cancellation of people they disagree with. 

Those in the legacy media have an incredibly inflated view of themselves and seem to be unable to understand that the internet was made for everyone, and not just to be a members-only club for the self-appointed cultural elites. 


Rachel Gilmore responded to this article from The National Telegraph and said it was “irresponsible” and accused us of accusing her of doxxing Brattani when we said she was “spreading doxxed material”.

Gilmore later proceeded to like comments claiming it was not “doxxing” to put the spotlight on the personal profile of a private citizen because Brattani’s Facebook profile was “public”. The actual definition of doxxing states that it is publishing or highlighting “private or identifying information” which would include blowing up the public Facebook profile of a private individual.

Brattani’s Facebook page listed where she lived and worked, causing her, a private individual who remains anonymous on Twitter and Instagram, to be harassed at her workplace by ANTIFA-types trying to get her fired.

A Twitter user, criticizing Rachel Gilmore’s weak response noted that when Gilmore was first confronted by Brattani for helping spread identifying information about her, she then reposted the information, and accused Brattani of “starting a harassment campaign against me.”

Gilmore continues to allege that Brattani harassed her, when all Brattani ever did was encourage people to call out Gilmore for helping to perpetuate the lie that James Topp is a “white supremacist”. This is again an instance where Rachel Gilmore conflates criticisms of her work with the small minority of vulgar comments and trolling threats she receives.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

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