Naive Left-wing Streamer Indirectly Fundraised $286,069 for Hamas

Written By John Holm, Posted on May 20, 2021

Vaush, a self-described “Antifascist” Youtuber and Twitch streamer held a live stream on May 17, 2021, to raise funds for a charity operating in Gaza. He announced on Twitter the next day that after 27 hours of live streaming, his channel managed to raise $292,284.71 for charity. Vaush, during the stream, spoke with the organization’s founder and is confident in the value of his work. Since the end of the live stream it has been reuploaded in shorter segments.


The money went to the charity, Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) in Gaza, an organization that describes itself as creating “centers for healthcare for children with cancer” built in the territory of Gaza, currently governed by the internationally known and Iranian-backed terrorist organization Hamas. 

This means even if every single cent raised was used indeed to fund healthcare for children because Hamas governs the territory they can then redirect the money they would have used for healthcare into more rockets and pay-for-slay programs. The issue with sending money to any territory currently held by an enemy state is that all the provided funds contribute to prolonging their rule whether directly or indirectly.


PCRF offices were being used by Hamas earlier this May for targeting Israeli citizens during the firing of over 3300 rockets (Hamas has a history of setting up rocket launchers nearby hospitals, schools, media organizations, and government buildings). If it weren’t for the Iron Dome, the Israeli anti-missile defense system put in place under US President Obama, the entire country would have been wiped out, and the majority of the casualties would have been Israeli civilians.

(Update:Vaush during a stream on May 22 disputed that Hamas militants were using the PCRF offices for cover, and instead said that the IDF had missed when firing on the Gazan Ministry of Health building, which still places PCRF and Hamas at least within the same square block.)

Despite the protection of the Iron Dome at least 10 Israeli civilians have been killed in the attacks. 

The charity’s founder Steve Sosebee at one point retweeted someone promoting Vaush’s fundraiser, who included among his various hashtags “#DefundTheIDF” and PCRF has also put out tweets claiming that Gaza is under attack as if the IDF were performing strikes in an offensive to take the territory and not just to retaliate against Hamas militants firing their own rockets into Israel.

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 2.15.44 PM.png

Sosebee retweeted Vaush on May 19th, where Vaush stated that after PayPal fees, the total he raised was actually $286,069.10, but that Vaush would be paying the difference himself. 

On May 17, Israel surgically struck many areas in Gaza where Hamas was known to be operating, in an effort to stall the rocket attacks onto the Israeli population. Among these targets was the office building of the PCRF. Because it is well known to the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) that Hamas purposefully stationed itself and its supplies inside hospitals and children, they typically announce a strike ahead of time to allow civilians to evacuate the buildings. This lowers the efficacy of the strikes on Hamas but is done nonetheless in the hopes of destroying their supplies and stalling the rocket attacks on Southern Israel.

Sosebee in his tweet neglects to mention why the IDF would have been targeting the building as if Israel had simply decided to strike the building out of some spite for children, which is clearly not what was going on.

Critics say that even if PCRF actually provides the medical care that it claims to be doing, not only is it providing cover for Hamas but like many charities operating in Gaza its funds are misused for Hamas’ ongoing terror campaign against Israel. 

This isn’t the first time Vaush had advocated against Israel. On January 12, 2020, in a video reacting to a pro-Israel PragerU clip, Vaush argued that people who want to “destroy the Israeli state and remove its people from the area” are justified because of Vaush’s conspiratory belief that Israel is trying to eliminate the Palestinian people. Vaush also implied later that he can’t be anti-semitic because he’s “an anarchist against all states.”

“I’m good no matter what, right? I’m anti-all-states, I have my plausible deniability you know,” Vaush said when talking about being anti-Semitic and defending the destruction of Israel and the removal of Jews from the middle-east. 

Vaush likely is not fully aware of who he is funding or that the charity has received from different extremist linked organizations or the exact dynamics on the ground between the PCRF and the Hamas government. Like many supporters of Palestinians in Gaza, Vaush is naive and cannot seem to see how sending fungible assets to Hamas causes more problems than it solves.

According to NGO Monitor PCRF:

Presents a biased and distorted view of the conflict, omitting Palestinian terror attacks against Israeli civilians, including rocket attacks and terror tunnels, as well as Israel’s legitimate right to self-defense.

In the past, PCRF has received assistance from The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, Global Relief Foundation, and The International [Islamic] Relief Organization – all of which were closed down by the U.S. government for allegedly funding terrorist groups.

It should be noted that centre-left Youtubers refused to assist Vaush in his fundraising efforts, specifically due to the connections PCRF had to The Holy Land Foundation, which is a former organization that’s name has become synonymous with Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Two other organizations also attempted to make donations to PCRF which like The Holdy Land Foudnation, were shut down for terrorism funding concerns.

Essentially any aid sent to the Gaza strip is not only feeding Hamas more resources to use, but it is counter productive to try and fund medical aid for children in Gaza when the medical resources and money being sent is causing Hamas to be able to carry on its rocket campaign longer which will get more Palestinian children killed due to Hamas’ chosen tactics of using children as human shields. 

Vaush although deeply naive should not be let off the hook for not doing his due diligence in looking at who he is fundraising for. $286,069 is a lot of money and handing it to a group that seems not to care about how close it gets to an actual terrorist group was clearly a bad idea, but it shows how much the anti-Israel activists are blinded by hatred to the point they will unknowingly fund terrorism.

John Holm

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    I think it’s pretty shameful to assert without evidence that money donated to children’s hospitals in Gaza will be funnelled into terror attacks on Israeli civilians, and thus that you shouldn’t make any attempt to provide aid to injured children, when all you’ve really got is the idea that maybe, theoretically, they -could- steal the money, because Hamas is in Palestine and the children’s charity is also in Palestine.
    This is one of the more transparently blatant examples of obviously motivated, biased reporting I’ve heard in a while.

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    this is literally the worst piece of journalism i have seen this year. nothing but biased pro-israel garbage.

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    This article was written by Lehava and the Verband nationaldeutscher Juden

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    No source that Hamas used the PCRF’s headquarter, it wasn’t even targeted. It was destroyed by Israeli rockets strikes you call "surgical"

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    The PCRF has been approved by the US as a safe charity to donate to. They are one of the most respected and transparent humanitarian organizations in the Middle East. They’ve publicized annual finance reports going as far back as 1999. They’re practically itemized receipts! But everyone in Palestine is Hamas, I guess.

    When did all you conservatives stop seeing people as humans? When did you decide that anyone who disagrees with you or sides with those who disagree doesn’t deserve basic human decency.

    Most of you are Christians. Most of you claim to have accepted Jesus into your hearts. But Jesus’ heart belonged to every single one of God’s children. When did you start seeing your brothers and sisters…the CHILDREN of your brothers and sisters as disposable fodder unworthy of love? Jesus’ core message was to love each other as he and his father loved you. He died on the cross out of pure love for you.
    When will it be time to love thy neighbor as your father loves you?

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    I sincerely pity the weak, defenseless, US-funded nuclear power of Israel. How evil do you have to be to want to donate to make sure children in Palestine are healthy? The hospitals will just give their money to Hamas. Ridiculous stuff from this streamer here.

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    This is CNN level fake news. If faceless "journalists" like John Holm had even a modicum of journalistic integrity they’d have actually approached Vaush either in private or on his stream to settle these easily researchable facts, instead Holm’s retreats to lazy keyboard warrior habits thinking he can get away with treating the reader like an idiot by spoon feeding them a diatribe of false hoods and propaganda.


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    "Don’t donate to any charities in other countries because it will eventually go to their military" is the same logic as "don’t pay taxes because it will fund Antifa". source? trust me, even though I have no proper sources

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    Other people making most of the same points I would but basically this shit reads like a genocidal Jewish screed from Ben Shapiro – if the strikes weren’t about taking land then why has Palestinian land been shrinking since Israel appeared, with no sign of stopping? Even if they claim no land in this round the Jews will just claim it later when nobody’s looking. The strikes are always for weakening Palestine’s resistance against Zionist expansion.
    The illegitimate Zionist entity took somebody else’s land and now these outrageous Jews are crying foul that the Palestinians are retaliating.
    Frankly I don’t give a fuck that Hamas breaks the rules when they attack Israel, Israel deserves a million times worse than what they’re getting.
    When you think of Israel think of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who die of overdose at the hands of Jewish pharma execs. Those Americans are civilian casualties but not a one of these monstrous Jews has ever faced prosecution. Maybe Israel deserves to take a juicy L on this one.