“Mandate Freedom” Message Is Taking Canada By Storm And The Media Cannot Beat It

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on January 26, 2022

A great piece of advice whenever trying to get a message across to the general public is to ‘keep it simple’ which is exactly what the Freedom Convoy 2022 organization has been doing since starting the massive anti-mandate convoy that is headed to Ottawa.

The legacy government-funded media in Canada has been having a difficult time pulling their usual tricks, trying to smear this anti-mandate convoy. All of the media’s attacks have for the most part failed in the face of the simple and focused message of the convoy that cannot be easily twisted by dishonest journalists.

The Freedom Convoy 2022 simple message could be boiled down to the popular slogan “Mandate Freedom” that has taken social media by storm. For the past five days, #TruckersForFreedom and #TruckerConvoy2022 have trended on Twitter in spite of the platform’s bias against the convoy. 

All of the messaging promoted by the legacy media and establishment political types have no ability to stop the convoy’s social momentum. Embarrassing counter-hashtags like #FluTruxKlan and #FreeDUMBConvoy have heavily underperformed, compared to the hashtags supporting the trucker movement, and have even gotten a significant amount of their use from convoy supporters making fun of them.

One early narrative that the media glommed onto was the Canadian Truckers Alliance condemning the convoy as if the CTA is not a blatantly pro-mandate organization that has been totally ok with the rights of unvaccinated truckers being violated.

The CTA released a statement where it said:

The Canadian Trucking Alliance does not support and strongly disapproves of any protests on public roadways, highways, and bridges. CTA believes such actions — especially those that interfere with public safety — are not how disagreements with government policies should be expressed.

On top of the fact that nobody cares what the CTA has to say, it later came out that the CTA is a registered lobby organization that contributes money to the Liberal Party.

The media’s current strategy to undermine the convoy is yet another attempt to pretend as if the convoy is “racist” or “far-right” by finding individual distasteful people on the convoy and pretend they represent the convoy as a whole.

It is a form of cherry-picking that some in political media like to refer as “nut-picking.”

Spender Fernando did a great diagnosis of what the media is attempting to do in an article he wrote on his own website instructing Canadians to resist the mainstream media’s attempt the smear the truckers.

Fernando explained:

You see this whenever Canadians start to aggressively speak out against the government, particularly when it’s a group who would be considered to be more ‘conservative.’

Even the use of the term ‘anti-government,’ as if that is supposed to be a bad thing, is quite indicative of the mindset of the establishment press, as they seem to think that the government is automatically owed deference and respect, despite the fact that in any half-functioning democracy the government has to earn whatever respect it gets.

These same tactics are used on issues like healthcare – where any talk of ‘private’ delivery is seen as beyond the pale, immigration – where any opposition to record high immigration levels is smeared as ‘racist,’ and even discussion of the military, where the idea of building up a strong Canadian military force is often seen as somehow ‘unCanadian’ or ‘too aggressive.’

So supporters of the Freedom Convoy don’t need to defend the few bad actors the media identifies, if anyone pushing violent or bigoted messages then they clearly do not get the point of the Freedom Convoy. Convoy supporters should instead push back hard on the media for gleefully trying to use those few bad actors to try and smear the massive movement.

The good thing is that the media’s attacks have been quite limp and little traction is being gained from the hashtag campaigns and attempts for the media to claim the freedom convoy’s message is anything but wanting to end ridiculous vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions. 

“Mandate Freedom” is the message convoy’s message and any media trying to claim otherwise is demonstrating they lack the ethics to be journalists.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

7 responses to ““Mandate Freedom” Message Is Taking Canada By Storm And The Media Cannot Beat It”

  1. Gregory Elliott says:


  2. Dwight Hogg says:

    The truckers should also be boycotting products they carry from China…it is China that created this mess and it is Trudeau who did nothing to stop flights from China …or even insisting the passengers should be tested and isolated. After all in Trudeau’s progressive virtue signalling little mind that would be racist and to hell with Canadians getting sick and dying.

  3. Esther Webster says:

    Very well said! Thank- you for your honest journalism!🙏

  4. Elaine says:

    Thank you

  5. Katrina says:

    All Canadians need to take a stand!
    Open your businesses!
    Take off your masks!
    Stop complying!
    Let’s live life normally, like we used to!
    Enough is ENOUGH!

    Mandates are NOT laws!
    This ends when we all say NO!

  6. Salle Swett says:

    I support this protest for Canadian freedoms to be restored. What is the GoFundMe money going toward besides fuel?

    • Norella Schiele says:

      Excess donations will go to a Veterans Association. That said, there are many truckers which will benefit with this support by means of meals, lodging and the cost of fuel ⛽ is astronomical. Of course, prices have gone up in the past few days.