Leslyn Lewis Goes After CTV News Host For Lying About Freedom Convoy

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on April 26, 2022

Last week, Haldimand—Norfolk MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis pushed back on CBC Power & Politics host Vassy Kapelos for criticizing her for not wanting to sign onto a WHO worldwide pandemic strategy plan. Dr. Lewis rightfully pointed out that Canada exporting its policy responsibilities to internationalist organizations undermines our sovereignty. 

This week Dr. Lewis in another interview had to push back on CTV Question Period host Evan Solomon who, in a similar fashion to Kapelos, tried to take a swipe at her for taking a perfectly reasonable position on an issue; this time on the Freedom Convoy. 

Solomon noted that Dr. Lewis had supported the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa and using the critical statements of CPC leadership candidate Jean Charest against the convo asked her if it was a mistake to support the movement.

Dr. Lewis explained that the protest outside of Parliament was fully peaceful and that she was proud to be the first of the leadership candidates to support the truckers’ push to end the mandates. She also added that she was always against the border blockades that were not a part of the official Freedom Convoy 2022 protest.

Solomon then tried to imply that in some backward way Dr. Lewis indirectly supported people trying to overthrow the Canadian government.

When you were supporting [The Freedom Convoy] their leaders, the people collecting the money, the organizers, had a petition that wanted to overthrow elected officials. You saw it, I covered it extensively, you were supportive…

Dr. Lewis countered Solomon’s absurd assertion of wrongdoing, pointing out that Solomon knows he is pushing a falsehood, seeing as not one person associated with the convoy protest has been charged with the crime of sedition.

For context, the petition that Evan Solomon is referencing was a nonsense pseudo-law document pushed by the Canada Unity organization which called on the Governor-General to remove Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government.

Not only did very few people take this document seriously, but those behind Canada Unity were not at all part of the leadership of the Freedom Convoy 2022 organization that actually started the trucker convoy. 

Freedom Convoy 2022 leadership at first press conference.

Canada Unity is what people like Pat King were associated with, who the media keeps trying to pretend were major power players on the ground and not just a bunch of people tagging along with the convoy.

This is all to say that Solomon if he was not incompetent, and or lying, would know that there was no serious or substantial group at the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa that was trying to “overthrow” the government. Dr. Lewis noting nobody was charged with sedition sums up the fact that the protest was entirely peaceful, outside of the violent breakup of the protest by Ottawa police.

Just like with the CBC Power & Politics interview it is great to see Dr. Leslyn Lewis push back on dishonest journalists like Evan Solomon in her calm and professional manner. She is showing that she can project strength and throw verbal punches without losing her poise which definitely shows her to be one of the more rhetorically skilled CPC leadership candidates in this race. 

If Dr. Lewis keeps up this trend of solid interviews where she shows highly capable of fighting back against the legacy media, she could find herself quite high on many conservative members’ leadership ballots.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

26 responses to “Leslyn Lewis Goes After CTV News Host For Lying About Freedom Convoy”

  1. Merla Parker says:

    Well done Leslyn. Of course Solomon has to talk over her pushing his false narratives! Do we have any credible journalists left in Canada?

  2. lillian lovely says:

    trudeau needs to be removed for racketeering , treason and crimes against humanity. he has shares in the pharma companies in bc that make the nanoparticles for the jab that is killing and injuring a lot of people and the government and the media is hiding it all. and to top it all off he has the gull to mandate that we take the poison or we cant partake in life in canada. there is maga proof out there that this jab is not working and killing people. so he needs to be more than removed he needs to be in jail

    • Rico says:

      Lol, that’s hilarious! I love a good sarcastic post in the morning! Thanks for starting my day off right with some laughs.

  3. j says:

    Good for Leslyn Lewis. A solid balanced answer to the baiting and incitement by Solomons. And remember this: 99.95% of the unvaxed are NOT in hospital.

  4. George Janus says:

    CTV is becoming more and more like CNN and MSNBC everyday …. it won’t be long till their viewership goes down the same path ….. When you wonder why people no longer have faith in the legacy media … just look in the mirror Evan.

  5. Darcy says:

    Its so nice to know there are still good people like Dr. Lewis who aren’t afraid to put people in their place if they lie.

  6. Coleen Riordon says:

    She is absolutely correct. I can’t even watch CTV news anymore. They make me sick.
    Coleen Riiedon

  7. Judy Cross says:

    She is terrific!

  8. Jim Adair says:

    She is right CTV covered this very poorly the only showed you what they thought would turn people against this to save their funding this shows us that the journalists here are only interested in protecting their paycheck not informing Canadians the truth lost all respect for them and CTV

  9. Linda says:

    Interesting that two posts to twitter were taken down that showed Leslyn Lewis to be a fair and reasonable politician and supportive of the law that this media person distorted. This protest was peaceful and agents of the group against the protest arranged for the disruptions. And our PM ran away from the protest because he couldn’t handle it.

  10. Brian Pudsey says:

    I don’t know what’s come over Soloman and the CTV. The manipulation and bias is disturbing, CBC is worse, but I am so disappointed. Good on Ms. Lewis for insisting on a hearing for other points of view.

  11. Della Urquhart says:

    Evan Solomon is a personal friend of JT and has NO business commenting on the convoy. He is soooooo owned by the network and by JT.

  12. Ed Sloane says:

    The CPC except Charleston are out to lunch supporting the convoy. Covid is very serious issue and we are far from being out the woods yet@ why is the CPC so anti science?

    • Michael Mytrash says:

      Ed Sloane….you actually believe what you just posted? YOU are the serious issue in this country.

  13. Mark Jodrell says:

    CTV. They’re not covering the truth of a story, at all. They are very bias to the liberals, who fund their addenda false news. It pathetic to say the least. Come on people of freedom.

  14. Patricia says:

    Bravo to Dr. Lewis!!! She is made of the same fabric as Jody Wilson-Raboult in that she is not afraid of the huffing & puffing of the ‘wolf’. CTV, along with CBC and Global are now disgusting in their twisting of truth, broadcasting out & out lies, and using distracting ‘trivia-filler’ for news. Canadians are anxious to have leadership that is solid, honest, and act for the good of all. Dr. Lewis is showing us the path to getting there. Big thank-you!

  15. Mervin Steckle says:

    Ed Sloane why don’t you get your facts strait. It has been proven with the can app and the investigation showing that Trudeau was not and I repeat not acting on science. The C PC are acting on true facts not on Trudeau’s rule of law that he makes up as he goes along.

  16. Darrin Bruce says:

    Leslyn Lewis is doing an excellent job opposing and explaining the corrupt WEF agenda, and stating her support for the trucker’s Freedom Convoy. I was supporting Poilievre, but Dr. Lewis is starting to win me over. I hope she keeps speaking the truth and I believe her timing on the issues I mentioned is working in her favor because most Canadians are waking up to the WEF corruption and the amazing efforts made by the Freedom Convoy! I see more hope for truth, justice, and freedom coming from Dr. Leslyn Lewis than any other candidate. Pierre’s silence on those issues is making me suspicious of his sincerity.

  17. Gerry Weismiller says:

    You absolutely can not say the Freedom Convoy was peaceful! They harassed people in the area ( wearing masks), they made noise throughout the day which disturbed people in the area, especially at night, they threatened to kill Prime Minister Trudeau and to overthrow the government and they were defiant in not moving their trucks. So, to say it was a peaceful convoy is to have your head in the sand!

    • Rob Frost says:

      Wow. You must have been watching a different protest in perhaps a different country. Regardless, you have the right to your opinion and to speak it. Something that was violently taken from the protesters.

  18. Windgold says:

    When do we ARREST these MFERING REPTILE BRAIN GLOBALIST WHORES shilling for Klausy and Billy???

  19. Lowell Lowell says:

    I think she stands above the other candidates.
    Pierre will probably win, but I would support her, for sure.

  20. Bill Larocque says:

    Solomon is trying to make a name for himself and if he has to fabricate a lie or two to do so, he fits right in with the CBC doctrine of falsify first, fact check second. He’s a third rate media rat who has absolutely no ethics and will do what he has to and say what he has to in order to draw attention to his self-serving ways. Quit while you’re ahead guy.

    • Rob Frost says:

      I don’t think Evan is as rotten as you portray. I do think he has surrendered his journalistic chops to his employer for a pot of lousy porridge, like so many Canadian "journalists" on the federal Liberal payroll.
      I hope Evan wakes up and realizes he is being used.

  21. Marcus Lennox says:

    To Gerry Weissmuller… Gerry, you are a bald faced liar.

    So ..you were there and saw the protesters harassing people wearing masks? That is a fucking lie. Some of the protesters – not many – were wearing masks themselves you moron!

    Sorry…disturbing people? The honking of horns stopped after a few days. There was honking for brief periods during the day. But three blocks away you couldn’t hear it you lying pig.

    Gerry – you liar – there was no street, not even one, that was blocked downtown.

    When I was there I personally spoke with several business owners WHO WERE MAKING MORE MONEY DURING THE PROTEST as compared to before it started.

    And what about crime? Do you realize Gerry – you lying b*stard – that crime WAS DOWN during the Freedom Protest.

    And a little douchebag like you has the temerity to call that Biggest Civil (Peaceful) Protest in Canadian History violent. What a disgusting little toady of a Libtard.

  22. Dave says:

    Huge fan of Leslie Lewis, she’s awesome and great speaker, if she gets leadership conservatives will get a majority, Liberal voters only see gender and race so they will vote for her. Good thing she is one of smartest candidates, well educated and hopefully able to fix the dumpster fire that’s going to be opened once a new government takes shape and sheds like on all of Trudeau’s criminal and mismanaged governing