Legacy Media Is Angry That Justin Trudeau Is Called A “Dictator”

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on March 31, 2022

The legacy media in Canada, whether it be the mostly government-funded CBC, or the more independent but still subsidized networks like CTV, and Global, has always claimed to be neutral purveyors of the news, and not Liberal propaganda. 

The legacy media tends to be good at making their bias subtle but every once in a while the mask of objectivity completely falls off, and the Conservative MP for Lethbridge, Rachael Thomas, just made the media reveal its rabid Liberal bias with her recent statement in Parliament. 

Thomas simply cites the definition to the word “dictator,” and then states that many Canadians would see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a dictator and that public opinion about how the prime minister behaves actually matters when it comes to elections. 

Members of the legacy media immediately went ballistic with even the Globe and Mail writer Steven Chase who originally posted the clip to Twitter complaining that she “did not cite a poll.” 

Does Chase demand a poll whenever a left-wing politician makes a generalizations about what they hear Canadians saying? Of course not, but  it is a cheap ‘gotcha’ response to deflect criticism of Trudeau. 

Chase was not alone in his criticism, several other legacy media types showed up to attack Thomas for daring to even assert that many more conservative Canadians see Trudeau as someone who has authoritarian tendencies.

Not only were the members of the legacy media tweeting out Liberal Party spin to try and undermine Thomas’ point but they also wrote several articles to deliberately miss her point as well.

Even in articles not meant to be opinion, the coverage of what Thomas said is all about how “controversial” it was and how she has “courted controversy” in the past by doing uncontroversial things like questioning how COVID-19 deaths are being counted. 

The legacy media’s bias is on full display, and the each and every legacy journalist covering this story is deliberately missing the point in the exact same way. 

What they are doing is pretending as if Thomas directly called Trudeau a dictator or implied that Canadians seeing him as some sort of authoritarian means the label of “dictator” is 100 percent accurate. Thomas did not and her point clearly was that Trudeau’s beahviour is alienating to many Canadians and they see him as someone who does not respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, evident from his endorsement of “hate speech” laws, unjustified use of the Emergenices Act, and praise for the Chinese government. 

Despite it being easy to understand the implications of Thomas’ statement the legacy media simply pretends to not understand how hyperbole works and act blind to the fact many in society see Trudeau as being an authoritarian. 

The hashtags #TrudeauTyranny and #BlackFaceHitler have trended on Twitter multiple times, yet legacy media journalists cannot accept the premise that many Canadians see Trudeau as some form of a “dictator.”

Although this inaccurate coverage by the legacy media is indeed frustrating at the very least it exposes more Canadians to the overwhelming Liberal bias among members of the legacy media, and further destroys the perception they are at all objective when covering the news. 

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

5 responses to “Legacy Media Is Angry That Justin Trudeau Is Called A “Dictator””

  1. Ian Cameron says:

    If the shoe fits…

  2. James Kovalsky says:

    I guess the legacy media don’t follow what happens ina dictator. Europe. Almost the entire EU parliament boycotted Trudeau’s speach because the said he was

  3. Wayne says:

    He, and his cabal in cabinet, seem to meet the definition in Wikipedia.
    A dictatorship is a state ruled by one dictator or by a small clique. (check)
    Used almost exclusively as a non-titular term for oppressive rule (check, lockdowns+)
    In modern usage the term dictator is generally used to describe a leader who holds or abuses an extraordinary amount of personal power. (check)
    Dictatorships are often characterised by some of the following:
    suspension of elections and civil liberties; (check, can’t leave Canada, block donations)
    proclamation of a state of emergency; (check, unreasonable use of war act)
    rule by decree; (check, order in council)
    repression of political opponents; (check, pay off MSM)
    not abiding by the rule of law procedures (check, ethics violations)
    and cult of personality (check, I don’t understand how but yes)
    Dictatorships are often one-party or dominant-party states (check)

  4. Tammy Clancy says:

    If the shoe fits…

    questions covid deaths
    in us to believe in it
    they are counted correctly
    which everybody knows
    that they are not counted correctly
    that the government is trying to cover up
    to keep people under control
    of their very own livelihoods
    and the way people live

    charters of rights and freedoms are taken away just about everybody in Canada about to understand it and how it works
    especially here in Canada

    and the unjustified acts of emergency
    that was praised by Justin Trudeau
    by the Chinese Government
    that should not have been empathises
    to the Canadian people Justin Trudeau admires china’s dictatorship

    just to see him being authoritarian
    well some and most Canadians
    also same as a dictatorship for Justin Trudeau

    a person entitled to a benefice but not required to perform its duties.

    for oppressive rule (check, lockdowns+)

    Trudeau taking power away from the people Trudeau too much power
    stop absolutely with too much abuse of power

    civil liberties check, ethics violations
    you are a disgrace to the human race

  5. Barb Pretaine says:

    We the people don’t need a POLL to know that nobody wants him re-elected!