Jason Kenney Opposes “Crazyville” Great Reset that Trudeau Supports

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on February 2, 2021

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney in an online Q and A session responded at one point to the topic of the Great Reset policy framework pushed by mostly left-wing corporatist economists and politicians. 

Kenney stated upfront that both he and the United Conservative Party (UCP) are “categorically against The Great Reset. I think the whole idea is frankly cockamamie,” going on to also refer to The Great Reset ideas as “crazyville” and that he has “consistently opposed” it. 

On The World Economic Forum’s own website under a header that reads “The Opportunity” the state the general goals of The Great Reset this way:

As we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons. Drawing from the vision and vast expertise of the leaders engaged across the Forum’s communities, the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being.

Essentially what they want is a proto-socialist, top-down corporatist economic and social system that tends to rely heavily on planning created by like-minded experts.

Funnily enough, this is supposed to be some new and revolutionary way of organizing economics, trade, climate, and social policy around the world when it actually models closer to the socialism of Fascist Italy or Franco’s Spain, which is essentially socialism structured through corporate groups. 

Kenney points correctly that the originator of The Great Reset was Klaus Schwab who was the founder of the World Economic Forum which Kenney says “seems like a big virtue-signaling event….which started as a somewhat useful of views on economic and financial questions, but it’s now increasingly become about empty virtue signaling by the jet-set class, especially on environmental issues.” 

(Photo from The World Economic Forum)

(Photo from The World Economic Forum)

Kenney said Schwab even sent him a copy of his book The Great Reset which Kenney said he has not read, but that he knows that the book advocates for extreme anti-oil and gas positions, redistribution of wealth, which Kenney sums up as being an attempt to “exploit the pandemic to advance socialism with a strong green left tinge to it.” 

Kenney ended his answer about The Great Reset stating that “I find it offensive that anyone would seek to ‘take advantage’ of multiple crises like this. Frankly I’m having a hard time finding the words. I’m frustrated to see Prime Minister Trudeau pretty much explicitly endorse the premise.” 

What should be noted about Kenney’s statement that could make it effective in pushing back on the ideological push for The Great Reset, that although he takes the subject seriously he also makes sure to mock the idea at the same time.


Mockery is often more effective in pushing back on deeply flawed ideas than trying to instill fear into people as mockery turns the proponents of The Great Reset like Schwab into jokes rather than seemingly highly competent people who should be feared which implies some form of expertise and merit onto them. 

It’s harder for someone to draw supporters to them when they become widely known as a clownish socialist rather than some imposing technocratic ruler. 

Jason Kenney is actually one of the first Western leaders to have actually openly pushed back on The Great Reset, and may help others to feel comfortable opposing its authoritarian ideology. 

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

2 responses to “Jason Kenney Opposes “Crazyville” Great Reset that Trudeau Supports”

  1. Edward Messom says:

    The Great Reset is a stupid idea concocted by maniacs that have to much money and no common sense.
    Totaltarian Socialism with rediculous idealogies and is a mental hallucination that will not be accepted in democratic societies.
    It is pure evil dictatorship that must be stopped at all cost!
    Trudeau is an embarrassment to Canadians for supporting such idiotic notions.
    It sounds like these types need to be stripped of their wealth, shared with the world population and be incarcerated in a mental institution.

  2. Andrew Robertson says:

    You are right on!