CTV News Falsely Reports Temperatures Are Rising Too Fast For Scientists To Calculate

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on July 30, 2022

One of the ridiculous climate alarmist stories to come out recently was the article from CTV News that claimed “Scientists say temperatures are getting ‘hotter faster’ than their tools can calculate,” which is a statement that needs so many qualifications it is effectively worthless. 

What CTV News author Lauren Said-Moorhouse is actually saying is that scientists who specialize in making climate models did not expect this year to be as hot as it was based on their models, despite the fact no model can predict the weather year to year consistently.

Oddly the sort of people from the World Weather Attribution (WWA) project, who was quoted in the article, are the same people who tell us that “weather is not the climate” whenever someone makes a joke about global warming when there is a deep freeze in the winter. 

The WWA was cited in the article as saying:

While models estimate greenhouse gas emissions increased temperatures in this heatwave by 2 C, historical weather records indicate that the heatwave would have been 4 C cooler in a world that had not been warmed by human activities. This suggests that models are underestimating the real impact of human-caused climate change on high temperatures in the U.K. and other parts of Western Europe. It also means that the results of the analysis are conservative and climate change likely increased the frequency of the event by more than the factor of 10 estimated by the study.

What The WWA is claiming in plain English is that if scientists believe that human-caused greenhouse gas emissions should be making the climate 3 degrees warmer during the heat wave than it would have been with no human activity, if it turns out we are 4 degrees hotter than, apparently, the climate is generally warming faster than they could “calculate.” 

After the WWA talks about their model Said-Moorhouse then just starts to cite how hot it is in different parts of the world and how heatwaves can disrupt the economy and whatnot, but said in such a way you’d think the author has never experienced a heatwave before.

At the end of the article, Said-Moorhouse then sites a scientist from the U.K. Met Office, Peter Stott, who says that:

Temperatures above 40 C will occur again, possibly in the next few years and very likely over the next few decades. Only by curtailing greenhouse gas emissions can we reduce the risks of such extremes becoming more and more frequent.

It would be incredibly disheartening for someone to come away from reading this CTV News piece and not conclude that they were subjected to climate propaganda trying to sell them on passing radical environmental policy.

With proper context, this “story” from CTV News is effectively fake news as it presents global warming as running out of control when it really is more accurately about how climate scientists still cannot accurately track year-to-year weather patterns, and definitely still cannot make broad generalizations about climate trends based on short-run weather anomalies.

Climate models, like many other scientific models, are often wrong, but the people who put them out are also seemingly never in doubt, which is not exactly a news-worthy development.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

2 responses to “CTV News Falsely Reports Temperatures Are Rising Too Fast For Scientists To Calculate”

  1. Crowhouse says:

    The lies never end with these media demons.

  2. JB says:

    The fact is climate change is BS. It’s all just a scam to blame us for a fake climate crisis in order to punish us through carbon taxes. The reality is governments have been altering climate and weather through geoengineering in two main ways: Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). Otherwise known as "chemtrailing." You can go to https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ to find out more about this. They (governments) blame us everyday humans for something they have created and then tax the shit out of us to make a profit. Our horrible state funded MSM gladly parrots the narrative that we are supposedly creating climate change. This all to usher in their evil depopulation agenda through the slaughter of innocent unborn babies, poison vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, toxins in our food and euthanasia. Disgusting!