Convoy Supporters Shovel Sidewalks, Feed Homeless, and Pick Up Garbage – Media Freaks Out

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on February 4, 2022

The truckers and convoy supporters protesting in Ottawa have been consistently smeared by the Liberal political establishment and legacy media organizations as “extremists,” “fascists,” and even “racists.”

Anyone who has attended the Ottawa Freedom Convoy 2022 protest or has been watching it online knows that this is a peaceful event that is unifying Canadians. So unifying that truckers and convoy supporters have started to organically organize and have begun cleaning the streets, cooking food in community kitchens, and even building wooden structures.

Unlike the Occupy Wallstreet protesters or the 2020 BLM rioters, Freedom Convoy 2022 is full of productive citizens and they have made it their mission not only for the protest in Ottawa to go on as long as needed to defeat the mandates, but to make it as comfortable as possible at the same time.

The legacy media conveniently after covering a video of one woman dancing on the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier has never picked up on any of the footage of protesters taking it upon themselves to shovel all the snow off of the War Memorial and keep the area free of garbage.

It is probably cleaner now than before the protesters showed up in Ottawa. Regardless the Ottawa municipal government had the War Memorial fenced off anyway.

But it didn’t stop just at the War Memorial, protesters also were shoveling the sidewalks around Parliament, picking up trash, and even shoveling the snow off the roads themselves. 

Liberal politicians and members of the media cannot demonize this behaviour so instead they have been focusing on some of the protesters constructing a wooden structure, and acting as if it is some nefarious development. 

What they missed by focusing on the fact they were also stockpiling propane and diesel, as if they were going to blow something up, was that this wooden structure is meant to house a community kitchen for the protest zone.

It is not a shock they missed this detail as the media has skimmed over the fact that the protesters have been handing out free food. The makeshift kitchens have even been cooking soup and pizza from scratch for anyone who wants it, including the Ottawa homeless, who Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed had their food stolen by convoy supporters. 

Contrary to what those pushing against the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa have been claiming, the protesters have actually been very caring of the homeless in the downtown and let them take part in the festival-like atmosphere of the protest. 

Other than Alberta and Saskatchewan’s governments promising to remove all restrictions over the next couple of weeks, the best thing to come out of the Freedom Convoy 2022 protest has been watching the liberal political and media establishments absolutely shredding their credibility. They have overreacted to every development and proved they have zero standards when their treatment of violent protest movements has been contrasted against their coverage of the peaceful protest happening in Ottawa. 

Canadians are finally waking up to the corrupt state of the legacy media, and realizing that for decades taxpayers have been funding left-wing government propagandists who have shown themselves to hate the rights and freedoms the convoy is protesting to restore.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

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  1. Donald says:

    good job my friend

  2. Yvonne says:

    Excellent article! You tell it like it is…thank you!

  3. Diane Penney says:

    I just wish everyone would read this and wake up!! Great article!!

  4. Jackie says:

    Thank you for reporting some truth! It is so much to see after so long of reading complete trash from the media groups my tax dollars are paying.