Canadian Truckers Have Started Canada’s Tea Party Movement

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on January 24, 2022

In 2009 the American Tea Party movement started up to oppose President Barrack Obama and the majority Democrats push towards government-run healthcare, incredibly high spending, and lack of control on the debt. 

Even though Canada finds itself in a different position than the Americans did 13 years ago, the 2022 freedom trucker convoy is a response to the same sort of problem; government meddling with the healthcare of its citizens, burning boatloads of cash and damaging the economy in the process. 

The Tea Party movement was broad-based and rallied, not on behalf of a specific political party, but against the attitude that the government knew best when it came to Americans’ healthcare, and could spend their money in order to force them to follow their program.

In America’s case, it was the crushing bureaucracy of Obamacare that cost nearly a trillion dollars just to raise healthcare premiums for Americans in every state, for little benefit for the uninsured. For Canada, the issue is the implementation of vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions that are both taking away Canadians’ personal healthcare choice as well as causing massive damage to the economy.

So if the convoy, that should be arriving in Ottawa on January 28, is going to succeed the movement needs to unify all Canadians on the issue of government incompetence and keeping rights and freedoms universal. The vaccine mandate may be the catalyst of the convoy but vaccinated and unvaccinated Canadians have an equal interest in ending the draconian culture in government across the country. 

The message from the movement the convoy is starting must be simple and focused.

  1. Personal healthcare choices do not concern the government.

  2. Personal healthcare choices should not restrict the ability of Canadians to enter or leave the country.

  3. Businesses are free to open and operate without permission from government healthcare officials.

  4. No worker in Canada can be fired for a personal healthcare choice.

  5. Mask mandates and other COVID-19 restrictions are ineffective and violative of Canadians rights and freedoms. 

There may be more points to talk about but the general message should be that government is incapable of controlling a virus like COVID-19 and cannot violate Canadian’s Charter Rights.

With the record-breaking turnout that the freedom convoy seems to be drawing out, there is a strong chance that it will be successful in unifying Canadians against the draconian federal and provincial government mandates and restrictions.

Like with the Tea Party movement in the United States, the freedom convoy needs to be prepared for the smear tactics that will come from government officials and the media to try and discredit the movement. 

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

5 responses to “Canadian Truckers Have Started Canada’s Tea Party Movement”

  1. Marcel says:

    Well written…too bad the main line media don’t represent the real facts.

  2. Layman says:

    It’s not. It’s all about antivax crybabies. Hell the organizers for this truckers protest have nothing to do with truckers. They’re from the Alberta sepertist party. They have no idea what truckers really go through.

    This issue only really concerns 15% of truckers who are not vaccinated. It doesn’t impact the rest of truckers crossing the border in any way.

    Everyone rlax. Just chill. Go home and take a breath. This is over.

  3. DF says:

    Lol, Layman can’t even spell talking smack. Has no idea it doesn’t matter the vax status either, made up of both sides. You are the ones in the dark, time to grow up and wake up to your responsibility as citizens. Or keep suckin that gubment tiddy, and enjoy being ruled. We’ll do the work for you.

  4. Nov says:


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  5. Gregory Elliott says:

    we love you CANADA!