Where is the Unifier in Chief?

Written By R. Duntov, Posted on April 15, 2021

How the Biden administration’s silence is a dog whistle for more political violence

During the 2020 election campaign for the US presidency, corporate media, Candidate Joe Biden aka Sleepy Joe and prominent democratic candidates for US senate and the house representatives repeated the assertion as they had for four years prior, that violence in America was a product of Donald Trump’s America.  

Celebrities, activists, and the blue checkmark brigade on Twitter tripped over themselves to cover for Joe Biden’s various and obvious liabilities.  The numbers videos of Mr. Biden sniffing young girls in a predatory manner; ignored.  Hunter Biden’s laptop littered with child porn and drug paraphernalia; ignored. Their former business partner asserted with email evidence that Joe and Hunter took tens of millions of dollars in bribes from the Chinese Communist Party;  ignored. Joe Biden’s inability to maintain coherent thoughts showing obvious signs of accelerated dementia; ignored. His inability to campaign or engage with the public directly; ignored. Racist comments like telling a black activist and podcaster “If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black;” again ignored.   


These are just some of the catastrophic gaffs and failings that would not only end any politician’s political career but could lead to criminal prosecution.  All of this and more were all ignored and intentionally hidden from the public where even Twitter blocked the New York Post from posting their report about Hunter Biden’s laptop which was abandoned at a Delaware computer shop. Eventually the laptop was submitted to the FBI and then Rudi Giuliani because the computer repair shop was concerned he was in the possession of criminality and was worried it would be linked to him. All of this banana republic type corruption was ignored for over a year by the political glass and corporate media and any institution or individual who attempted to draw attention to this earned the label, Russian agent or racists. We were led to believe the reason for all this mass censorship was motivated by one important value, unity. Joe Biden would be the sacred healer and unifier the United States needed. 

Corporate media and the institutions within the democratic party’s overton window ran a massive propaganda campaign to brand Joe Biden as the great unifier who would solve Covid and end all the “divisiveness of Trump’s America.” The rioting and looting was a symptom of Trump’s “erratic presidency” and electing Joe Biden would put an end to all of it. 

To be charitable, one could say that perhaps there was merit for this claim. Joe Biden had been in government for almost 50 years, he understood the internal mechanism of government and its institutions.  Some people suggested his decades of living off the government, made him the best person to put an end to the mass riots caused by far-left militias such as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.  


Mr. Biden’s credit there has been limited cases of police push back within certain municipalities.  While it is unfortunate that politicized municipal governments refused to take action under Trump, most agree the person in office receives credit for the achievements of his/her administration even if they were done so under dubious circumstances.  However, the message of unity and leadership has been short lived and there are some emerging causes for concern. 

The limited instances of push back against ANTIFA, its derivative organizations, and Black Lives Matter has been extremely limited and under the vail of the Derek Chauvin, George Floyd murder case.  There is a sense that we are in the midst of the calm before the storm. 

Already activists and race hustlers are warning of riots if the verdicts are not what far-left activist groups and militias expect – a conviction. There seems to be zero respect for the rule of law and the institution of the courts as threats of post trial violence and violent rhetoric are numerous and escalating. “If George Floyd’s murderer is not sentenced, just know that all hell is gonna break loose,” model and activist Maya Echols said in a now-removed video. “Don’t be surprised when buildings are on fire. Just sayin’.”


The Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA riots were unprecedented after the death of lifetime drug dealer and convicted criminal George Floyd where billions of dollars in damages to government property, businesses and several people have been killed as a direct result of these riots. Yet here we are witnessing the same thugs threatening and another round of massive violence if Officer Chavin is not convicted. Some activists seem to indicate that there will be violence regardless of the outcome. 

Recently Daunte Wright was accidentally shot, after he attempted to flee from Minnesota police officer Kim Potter leading to an apparent accidental firing of her pistol, and once again there was rioting in Minneapolis before an investigation was conducted.   

Officer Kim Potter after being arrested for the accidental shooting.

Officer Kim Potter after being arrested for the accidental shooting.

All these circumstances building the powder keg leads many Americans asking, where is the unifier in chief? What happened to the promise that riots will cease under the Biden administration.  Where is the leadership in the political class as a whole? 

Just this past week 100 of the most prominent CEOs in America gathered online to virtue signal and double down on race-based identity politics and race quotas showing they have more in common with segregationists than they do the values of Western democracy. They have said nothing to ask for calm.

This is not a left or right, Democrat or Republican issue, this is an issue of civil stability and political “leadership,” the word that campaign slogans love to regurgitate ad nauseam leading up to every election. Where is the leadership demanding calm and that no one, irrespective of their views will be tolerated if they are rioting and looting?  That no violence for any reason is acceptable. Where is Joe Biden to calm the divisive rhetoric of the radical wing of his party?

Instead, President Biden’s official Twitter account has tacitly indicated he believes black Americans are put upon by police officers, awaiting the results of the investigation.  While this is a perfectly fine lawyered response, where is the message of unity and calm we were promised during the presidential campaign? 

Then the more radical activist within the Democrat Congress turned up the rhetoric further fuelling tensions. Newly elected congresswoman Cori Bush seems to only view encounters with police from the ethno-identitarian lens that extremist white supremacists do. She obfuscates all facts of the criminality of the individuals involved, and treats people like George Floyd, a man once convinced of holding a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach during a home invasion and robbery, as a martyr.   

This kind of extremists rhetoric is not helpful and only adds fuel to the fire and will lead to more violence. Biden’s silence is counterintuitive to his promise of unity.

The activists and extremists threatening violence must be warned of consequences for rioting and they must be told this before the end of the Chauvin trial, not after. Right now is the perfect time for unity and leadership however the silence from Joe Biden is deafening. 


It’s only four months into the Biden administration’s “historic” win with somehow the largest number of votes in presidential history.  

During the 2020 presidential captain the American people were promised an end to violent protest, calm and unity. Instead, in what could be the calm before the storm, when America needs leadership and a voice more than ever; they receive nothing but silence. In times like this, Donald Trump was never silent.

R. Duntov

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