Trump gets an Israel-UAE Peace Deal – Trudeau Ignores the Achievement

Written By Roderick Karl G. Addun, Posted on August 17, 2020

The Trump Administration made history on August 13, 2020 when the United States brokered a peace deal between both Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The agreement between Israel and the UAE was under the condition where Israel would hold off on annexing parts of Jerusalem’s West Bank, which has been under contention from the Palestinians since the “Two-state” solution was first introduced by the Peel Commission in 1936 – and later expanded in 1993.

Although a diplomatic victory for the Trump Administration, – since middle-eastern affairs have been one of the greatest challenges in U.S. foreign policy – anti-Israeli and leftist mainstream media outlets seem to downplay the Trump Administration’s history foreign policy win. 


Moreover, Palestinian reaction to the Israel-UAE deal was more than expected since the Palestinian government has relied on Arab support to push Palestinian interests. However, despite Israeli efforts to seek peace with Palestine, the Palestinian government has always rejected any peace deal offered and has had no problems employing terrorist attacks on Israeli territory (i.e. Hamas and Hezbollah).

Given Iran’s regional aspirations, – which could place middle-eastern countries in jeopardy – the UAE was the first among the Arab countries to see Iran as a regional threat, which is why the mutual agreement between both Israel and the UAE is both of diplomatic and economic importance. Both countries will be able to benefit from the deal into the future; as well as blunt Iran’s regional aspirations.

Here in Canada, the Federal Liberal Government has had a quiet response to the historic Israel-UAE deal since the Federal Liberal has been shown to always sympathize with Palestinians more than the Israelis, regardless of the situation. And thus, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has neither congratulated the Trump Administration for finally solving one of the most diplomatically complex issues surrounding foreign policy, which is peace in the middle-east; nor have the Federal Liberal Government even reacted to congratulate both Israel and the UAE for reaching a mutually beneficial agreement.

Similarly, both leadership candidates from the Conservative Party of Canada or the Conservative party itself have yet to congratulate the Trump administration, nor praise both Israel and the UAE for achieving such a large step in diplomacy in the middle-east. Hence, if Conservative voters are truly looking for a candidate worthy of their vote, Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidates should recognize that peace in the middle-east is not only good for the middle-east, but peace in the middle-east would also be good for Canadians in the near future.

My thoughts on the matter:

Liberal and the Left have always thought that if the world would put pressure on Israel, peace in the middle-east would be assured. Throughout the years, however, conflicts in the middle-east have also escalated because despite Israel wanting to negotiate with the Palestinians, the Palestinian government has always wanted to have absolute terms over negotiations – which was ultimately the dismantling of Israel.

Now, with Iran’s regional aspirations being known to the world because of how the Obama Administration enabled Iran’s aspirations with the “Iranian Nuclear Deal”, Iran has now been emboldened to be a regional threat to its neighbors aside from Israel – which is one of the main reasons why both Israel and the UAE came together.

With Iran in check, other Arab countries that have not supported Israel will inevitably want to follow UAE’s lead in making a deal with Israel to ensure Iran will not be able to fulfill its regional aspirations in the middle-east, which are totalizing in their aim.

Lastly, Canadian political parties and the mainstream media have to admit the Trump Administration’s foreign policy win in the middle-east could be compared to Ronald Reagan taking down the Berlin Wall.

None of Trump’s political opponents could have imagined that the man to make the first steps to finding peace in the middle-east was President Donald J. Trump. Hence, love or hate Trump, Trump’s political opponents should be giving credit where credit is due.

Roderick Karl G. Addun

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