Reflections on the Coronavirus, Iran, and Israel

Written By Dr. Reza Parchizadeh, Posted on June 29, 2020

Contrary to the Western Leftist media’s overblown claims, the Islamist regime in Iran has never been “normal.” To be more precise, the regime does not need an out-of-the-ordinary impetus to make it deviate from any wanted humanitarian and civil normalcy. That is because the apocalyptic regime’s default mode of operation is an abnormality.

The same goes for the Coronavirus. The pandemic, like the sanctions, has only exacerbated the regime’s ongoing mismanagement of Iran.

Those in power in the country did not care much for the well- being of the ordinary people in the first place, and now they care even less. For instance, the regime announced the presence of the pandemic months after the first instances had surfaced in Iran. It also proclaimed a late general shutdown and a hastily early reopening of public life. 

In the meantime, the regime allocated no subsidies or amenities to the hard-pressed populace. Instead, it continued to spend millions of dollars on sectarianism and warfare in the Middle East.

True to its nefarious nature, the regime has even found a diabolical political function for COVID-19: instead of drawing the ire of activists and international human rights organizations by executing the prisoners of conscience or keeping them in prison for a long time, it is letting the deadly virus eliminate these undesirables. 

In the meantime, the regime has shamelessly been trying to exploit its self-made humanitarian crisis to blackmail the democratic world and push the US to lift its sanctions against the regime and its ruthless Revolutionary Guards.

The West has turned a blind eye to the plight of the people of Iran. Western indifference towards the crimes of the regime in Iran is nothing new. As most of the media and academia as well as governments in the West are either home to the Leftists sympathetic to the regime or have been infiltrated by the regime’s Islamist agents of influence, the general Western response to the Iranian regime’s atrocities towards the people in Iran and the Middle East has always been dull.

As a case in point, compare the Western response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Iranian regime’s war on the people of Iran and the region, and a dizzying degree of disproportion will emerge.

That is why these days most average Iranians, increasingly disillusioned with the West, are warming up to Israel’s war against the Iranian regime on all fronts, be it direct military attacks in Iraq and Syria, cyber-warfare against the regime’s military facilities in Iran, or diplomatic pressure against the regime on the international stage. That is because they feel Israel is doing for them what the West is not willing to do, and they cannot do, which is hitting the evil regime where it hurts.

They even think it is eventually Israel’s David that will rise against the Goliath of the Islamist regime and defeat it against all the odds.

As I previously laid out in an article for The National Telegraph, in the course of Netanyahu’s premiership, the relationship between Israel and the people of Iran has been revolutionized and exponentially improved. They feel much closer to each other these days. A case in point is

the treatment a recent blast in a nuclear site to the east of Tehran received from the general populace: many Iranians approvingly regarded it as an Israeli attack on the regime’s atomic facilities. In the end, it remains to be seen how far Israel is willing to go to exhilarate its newly found friends in Iran.

Dr. Reza Parchizadeh

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