New Socialist Narco-Linked Columbian President Is Bringing In A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Written By B.J. Dichter, Posted on August 22, 2022

It should not be a surprise that so many socialist countries (like China) and world leaders are leading the charge toward the adoption of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). By definition, a socialist wants to socialize the economy around the state, and one great way of doing that is having the central bank take over the backend of your citizens’ bank accounts.

Enter newly elected Columbian president Gustavo Petro.

Petro is a long-time Marxist-Socialist politician and past supporter of violent revolutionary groups that have been fighting the legitimate government of Columbia since 1964. In fact, he is so close to some of those groups that after assuming the presidency he was the only person in government a narco-militia group was willing to engage in peace talks with.

His narco/communist/terrorist connections are so well-known that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis immediately came out against Petro right after he was elected, predicting him to be a major opponent of individual freedom.

Considering so many saw Petro as a big-government thug it made sense when he made the implementation of a Columbian CBDC an early priority of his government.

Petro and his government are pitching this new central-bank-controlled digital currency as a way for Columbia to crack down on tax evasion, seeing as a CBDC would allow the government to tax income and purchases right at the source.

From a socialist perspective, Columbia may very well need a CBDC considering that not many Columbians will want to go along with Gustavo Petro’s new taxation regime, which is going after oil and gas producers, and spiking tax rates on “high earners.”

From a rational perspective, not only is Petro trying to squeeze his population for more revenue and centralize more financial power around the government, but he is also giving himself the ability to directly go after his political opponents and freeze their assets at will.

The logical leap it would take to believe that man who is ok with allying himself with murderous communist militia groups would be cool with having the central bank liquidate the funds of political opponents would not even span a crack in the pavement.

President Petro’s planned implimentation of a Columbian CBDC should raise alarmbells in the minds of people living in countries whose governments are also pushing for CBDCs.

In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has in fact spent $17 million in the 2022 federal budget for studying the implementation of a CBDC.

B.J. Dichter

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