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Minds Represents the Future of Social Media Because They Pay Their Users For Posts

In the last few weeks, the social media news was all abuzz about Parler.  Parler this, Parler that. Parler, Parler, Parler, Parler. Seeing all these stories; I was sick of reading the name Parler.  But Parler really is not a game changing social media site. They have a conservative audience, but the mechanics of it […]

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Conservative-Leaning Social Media Site ‘Parler’ Seeing Massive Surge of New Users, Although Questions Remain

The idea of left-wing bias in social media isn’t new, but has gained recent notoriety in the news as Donald Trump’s Twitter page has begun being partially censored in some cases by Twitter itself. 

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Healing through laughter: Brett Mooswa, an Indigenous Canadian TikTok star

“If they go on the app if they see me and they see what I do, hopefully I can share some cheer and bring some laughter to them because, yeah, like I said, laughter is one of the best medicines.”

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