Rosman Valencia

Alberta NDP States Its Goal Is To “Establish And Maintain A Democratic Socialism Government In Alberta”

The idea that the NDP is right in the centre of political ideologies is ridiculous. Like the NDP says themselves they are a democratic socialist party whose goal is to “establish and maintain a democratic socialist government in Alberta”.

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Rosman Valencia, Calgary-East NDP Candidate Supports Illegal Anti-Pipeline Protests

Now it was discovered that Valencia, on his own Twitter, account retweeted content accusing the police of wrongdoing for blocking food/medicine from entering an illegal anti-pipeline protest zone in British Columbia. This was part of protests against the pipeline being built on Wet’suwet’en reserve land, which the tweet Valencia retweeted called a “climate-changing pipeline” implying things like the pipeline were responsible for the flooding in 2021. 

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Calgary NDP Candidate Thinks Alberta Is Racist – While Quoting Communists And Anti-Semites

The Alberta NDP candidate for Calgary-East Rosman Valencia is one of many NDP candidates who pitch themselves as being hyper “progressive” and a person to bring Albertans together. Although Valencia may want to see himself this way, his rhetoric, fringe beliefs, and the radical people he quotes do not indicate he will be an uniter […]

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