Strathmore Town Council Bans “Fetus” Images To Block Pro-Life Advertising

Back on July 26th, the Alberta town of Strathmore’s council recently passed a bylaw (No. 23-27) banning advertising within the boundaries of the town that includes an image of a fetus. Violation of this bylaw can result in a fine of up to $3,000. 

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O’Toole Refusing to Oppose Sex-Selective Abortion Shows he Lacks a Moral Backbone

Based on the polls, if any decently well-organized party made one of its main platform planks as being opposed to sex-selective abortion they would dominate the social policy debate. Seriously what would Trudeau, Singh, O’Toole, Blanchet, or Paul be able to say in favour of not banning a practice that mainly targets unborn girls for being girls? That would be an optics nightmare for all of them.

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Alberta NDP have been Taking Donations From Publicly-Funded Abortion Clinics

TNT obtained documents courtesy of Arnold Viersen, the Member of Parliament for Peace River-Westlock. These documents catalog the donations of two organizations, Women’s Health Option, and Ann Marie Long Professional Corporation, to the provincial NDP party and labor unions, which include hundreds to several thousand dollar donations to various NDP candidates and labour union branches.

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