Rookie Derek Sloan Emerges Strong from CPC Debates

It’s time for the Conservative party to adapt to the times, and when I say that, I don’t mean need changing social or fiscal issues policies.

What we need to be asking ourselves as conservatives are, yes, who best represents our values, but also who can best present those values on camera? This may sound like a shallow concern; however, it is not. We need to heed the lessons of 2016 Donald Trump in the states and 2019 re-election of Trudeau over Andrew Scheer.

In both of these elections, a critical factor with the winning party was their leader’s ability to perform or ‘act’ on TV: it’s no secret that one of the only things Trudeau can do correctly is hair flips on television, and it’s undeniable the decades of being a reality TV star gave Trump the edge over his opponents in 2016.

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In a time of crisis, Jewish American leadership is failing American Jews

Jewish American leadership at every level has abdicated its place through its cowardice, side hedging, and lukewarm responses. It might not even exist.

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