Iran Protests

The Biden Administration’s Secretive Iran Talks: A Threat to US And World Security

The Biden administration has argued that the talks need to be kept secret in order to protect the sensitive nature of the negotiations. However, this argument is not convincing. The nuclear deal is a major foreign policy issue, and the American people have a right to know what their government is doing.

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Thousands Of Iranians Gather To Protest At US Consulate

In Toronto, thousands gathered outside the US Consulate to protest the Biden administration’s perceived weakness on the issue of the Islamic Republic.

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Why There Should Be No Deal Making With Iran

To re-enter a new deal with the Islamic Republic would be a horrible betrayal of the people in Iran fighting the regime on the streets, the families in Lebanon blown up in the Hezbollah Beirut explosion, Israelis under Islamic Republic rocket fire, Yemenis hoping for peace, the victims of PS752 and all others who value humans rights around the globe.

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