Barnes: If You Want To Solve Canada’s Housing Crisis – Let The Free Market Work

The past 20 years have shown us that intensification efforts alone will not solve the housing affordability crisis in Canada. We need to build new homes, and we need to build the kind of homes that families actually want to purchase.

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Trudeau Claims Housing “isn’t a primary federal responsibility”

Just today Trudeau claimed (while wearing a bandage on his forehead for some reason)  that “housing isn’t a primary federal responsibility” without a hint of irony based on his contribution to soaring housing prices. 

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Calgary’s “Affordable Housing” Task Force Plan Is Light On Positives, Heavy On Subsidies

This is absolutely the case with the Calgary Affordable Housing Task Force reccomendations. Just because “affordable housing” is in the title does not mean the recommendations would make housing as a whole more affordable.

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