Han Dong

No, Han Dong Threatening To Sue Global News Doesn’t Debunk The Claims Against Him

Frankly, threatening to sue Global News instead of releasing the Consul call transcript is an indictment of Han Dong as an MP. He avoids all transparency, plays the victim, and then sues when his back is against the wall.

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House Of Commons Votes For A Public Inquiry Into CCP Election Interference

Despite Trudeau trying to keep the investigation into election interference in the background by appointing a “special rapporteur” with connections to the Trudeau family and Liberal Party, the House of Commons voted in favour of launching a  public inquiry into election interference.

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Was Liberal MP Han Dong Involved In The Smear Campaign Against MP Kevin Vuong?

When Vaughan left office in 2021, he supported Kevin Vuong as his replacement, which led to Vuong being acclaimed as the Liberal nominee for Spadina-Fort York for that year’s election. Dong may have wanted to switch ridings to Spadina-Fort York or at the least wanted to ensure a political ally was installed as the riding’s representative. 

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