Ford is Bankrupting Small Business to Please the Media

We find ourselves in a sort of television show Ford has put on for Ontario’s biggest lockdown activists, the worst being the media. He is willing to sacrifice many small business owners’ and workers’ livelihood in order to symbolically appear to be taking the situation seriously, for the applause of the media, while small businesses go bankrupt.

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Is Doug Ford Trying to Destroy his Popularity?

Although Ford is currently still the second most popular premier that should be expected to drop fast over the next several months as he moves too leftward and pro-lockdown for Conservative voters and not left enough for most Liberal and NDP voters.

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Ford’s Bill 195 is a worse scandal than Trudeau’s WE fiasco

Just as the Conservatives rallied around Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott when they put their political careers on the line to stand for what was right, the Conservatives must rally around Belinda Karahalios or their smallest crime will be hypocrisy.

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