Landlord Gets 20 Years in Record Opioid And Guns Operation

At trial, Ansari said he knew nothing about what was going on and couldn’t be blamed for his tenant’s activities. Justice Hugh McConnell, however, called Ansari’s testimony by turns contradictory, “bizarre in the extreme,” “divorced from the truth” and “a lie.”

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Alberta NDP Candidate Indirectly Supports The UCP’s New Addictions Program

Liana Piava, Alberta NDP candidate in Peace River, in spite of criticizing the UCP government’s addictions policy like the other members of her party, actually has indirectly endorsed much of what the UCP is doing and newly proposing.

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Why Does The Alberta NDP Want Drug Addicts To Suffer?

The NDP likely did this just to be contrarian after the United Conservative Party (UCP) mused about potentially pursuing involuntary treatment options in the future. The NDP is basically declaring they would rather a drug addict die on the streets than have the government force them into rehab. 

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