Edmonton Eskimos not considering name change after year-long review

The detailed study period, entailing conversations with Innuit leaders, and interviews and telephone surveys with the Innuit population of Canada at large, could not conclude any consensus with the Innuit community on a desire for a name change, so the football club has concluded it is keeping the name. 

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In a time of crisis, Jewish American leadership is failing American Jews

Jewish American leadership at every level has abdicated its place through its cowardice, side hedging, and lukewarm responses. It might not even exist.

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Choirboys & Gangsters: The importance of male role models

If society is serious about dissuading boys and young men from lives of crime or terrorism, it has to do better than age-segregated public schools or age-segregated organized sports, where the mere presence of the opposite sex can be a stronger influence than any constructive male bonding.

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