Carbon Tax

Claypool: No, Taxes Cannot Stop Wildfires

The carbon tax is effectively just a revenue-generating and redistributionary tax. Ask yourself this, if Trudeau’s carbon tax was about lowering emissions, why would he give rebates back to Canadians which cover part of the cost of the tax? 

It is as if smokers were given a rebate back for cigarette taxes they pay.

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Liberal Turned Independent MP Kevin Vuong Slams Liberal Government For Pushing 2nd Carbon Tax

The response he receives from the Liberals’ Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault is limp and demonstrates the hollowness of the Liberals when it comes to affordability issues. Guilbeault tries to cite the damage forest fires and other natural disasters have done to justify the need for a second carbon tax, which has no realistic way of stopping any costly disaster. 

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Erin O’Toole Announces Conservative will Run on a Carbon Tax, Proving He’s a Liar

Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader Erin O’Toole, in a move that goes against the position held by most delegates of the CPC, and the position he took during the 2020 leadership race, has announced that if elected he would still support the infamous carbon tax.

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Trudeau Hits Canada with a Carbon Tax Hike While the Country is Down

It’s hard to tell whether Trudeau is just astronomically incompetent or resents the average Canadian, and especially Albertan, in such a profound way he is willing to ruin the economy completely just to prove how little he cares. 

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