Blaine Higgs

Poilievre Out-foxes Trudeau In First Foray Into the Gender Ideology Debate

In terms of a purely political move, Poilievre’s gamble paid off as Justin Trudeau decided to step on the metaphorical bear trap that Poilievre avoided.  Justin Trudeau, pathologically unable to tolerate any political view that is not aligned with his own, decided to attack Premier Blaine Higgs over his very reasonable policies.

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Poilievre Tells Trudeau To “Butt Out” Of New Brunswick Pro-Parental Rights Policy

When asked about Trudeau’s criticism of the Policy 713 changes saying “trans kids need to feel safe” implying parents should not have oversight over their own children in school, Poilievre said:

I know that Justin Trudeau has butted into that. The prime minister has no business in decisions that should rest with provinces and parents. So my message to Justin Trudeau is, ‘Butt out’ and let provinces run schools and let parents raise kids.

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