Bill Blair

Liberal Ministers Bend Over Backwards To Call Convoy “Violent” To Justify Use Of EA

Ministers Bill Blair and Marco Mendicino’s testimonies will not play well with the public, and they are not setting up their boss, Justin Trudeau, very well when he has to testify at the commission. 

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Trudeau and Blair lied to Hunters and Sport Shooters about the Gun Ban

Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when they announced the Order In Council (OIC) “assault style” rifle ban on May 1st of this year tried to reassure hunters and sport shooters that the ban would not affect them.

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Vandenhoff: Why is Trudeau punishing law-abiding firearms owners instead of criminals?

So we should really start concentrating on looking at the key point. And that’s the criminals not the law abiding firearms owners. You know, I get vetted every day. I work at a gun store. I have never committed a crime. Why am I being punished for ones that have? I just can’t wrap my head around it.

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