BRADBURY: Why I started a petition to ensure MP’s receive firearms education

The level of misinformation surrounding firearms and firearms ownership in Canada is increasing. Far too often our discourse on this topic is littered with stats and commentary aligned to conditions in the United States and not Canada. As a result, many Canadians, and many Canadian politicians, have inaccurate understandings of Canadian firearms laws. I’d like to […]

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The Ontario Power Generation Waste Storage Facility Debacle Proves No-One Trusts Nuclear

As much as we hear talk of how ‘safe’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ nuclear power is, if you dig with any depth into that claim you see how no regular, sane person really believes that.  Case and point, we recently saw the withdrawal of an application by the Ontario Power Generation company for a long-pursued construction […]

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In a time of crisis, Jewish American leadership is failing American Jews

Jewish American leadership at every level has abdicated its place through its cowardice, side hedging, and lukewarm responses. It might not even exist.

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