MAID Is What You Get After Decades Of Unrestricted Abortion

Having unrestricted access to abortion in Canada for over 35 years, with only the conscience rights of individual doctors as a barrier, has made it so that a large portion of Canada’s population sees nothing odd about people having Canada’s public healthcare system off them due to disabilities, minor injuries, or mental health issues. 

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Alberta NDP have been Taking Donations From Publicly-Funded Abortion Clinics

TNT obtained documents courtesy of Arnold Viersen, the Member of Parliament for Peace River-Westlock. These documents catalog the donations of two organizations, Women’s Health Option, and Ann Marie Long Professional Corporation, to the provincial NDP party and labor unions, which include hundreds to several thousand dollar donations to various NDP candidates and labour union branches.

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Despite Canada’s COVID needs, Trudeau continues to spend millions on foreign abortions

It should be noted that this funding oftentimes flies in the face of recipient countries’ national sovereignty. The government of Niger shut down two Marie Stopes facilities in 2018 after they were found committing abortions, even though abortion is illegal in Niger.

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