Rising Canadian-American Football Star Chuba Hubbard Backtracks on Tweet and Reconciles with Coach After Online Stir 

Written By Neil McKenzie-Sutter, Posted on June 16, 2020

Oklahoma State University running-back Chuba Hubbard and head coach Mike Gundy were able to reconcile a disagreement several hours after a Tweet sent out by Hubbard in the afternoon on June 15th sent ripples through the sports news world, in which Hubbard stated he would be leaving Oklahoma over Gundy’s seeming to support of OAN (One America News Network). 

The initial Tweet from Hubbard criticized Gundy’s decision to wear a OAN T-shirt in a June 10th photo from Facebook, in which photo Gundy appeared to be on a fishing trip. 

OAN is considered to be a controversial media company in some circles for alleged right-wing leaning coverage of news events, and this appears to be what Hubbard took issue with. 

Although Hubbard did initially claim to desire to leave Oklahoma State as a student, the situation has seemingly calmed down since earlier today, with both Gundy and Hubbard appearing together in video on Twitter, appearing to have reestablished a working relationship. 

Hubbard’s decision to leave Oklahoma, had he followed through on deciding to leave, would’ve been unfortunate for the world of football, because the 21 year old appears to have a bright career ahead, with 2019 being his best year, rushing 2,094 yards on 328 carries, and scoring 21 touchdowns. 

This excellent showing in 2019 led to speculation Hubbard would declare himself for the 2020 NFL season, although he ended up deciding to return to school instead. 

Neil McKenzie-Sutter

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