Ex-Edmonton Oilers owner Peter Pocklington added to Canadian Lego project

Written By Anthony Daoud, Posted on March 30, 2020

Known for his distinct character and ardent support of free-markets, Peter Pocklington’s business ventures span multiple decades. His breakthrough in the hockey world came as the sole owner of the Edmonton Oilers after purchasing Nelson Skalbania’s share. Pocklington’s reign included the signing of Wayne Gretzky. At only 17 years old, the Brantford native was already on the path to stardom and secured his supremacy by leading the Oilers to five Stanley Cup championships.

Pocklington later involved himself in politics, running for leadership of the former Progressive Conservative Party. He ran on a pro-capitalist platform that promised to enter a free trade agreement with the United States.


Now, Pocklington will appear in Joel Cadieux’s series that aims to replicate important scenes in Canadian history. Cadieux and his fans selected Pocklington to be the newest character in their upcoming Lego series. 

Cadieux has been a Lego fan through interacting with his sons when they were young. He claims it was a channel to expose his creativity, where he now spends roughly 2 hours constructing the scenes that he sketches. Each scene fits on a 12-inch by 12-inch base using approximately 250 colourful pieces in the process.


On March 16, he promised to recreate one hundred iconic historical or film scenes daily and post them on his twitter page. Recently, Cadieux’s Twitter followers voted for Pocklington over Louis Riel and Terry Fox, suggesting the businessman’s unique legacy in Canadian history and memorable personality. 

Cadieux has stated that future projects will feature the Edmonton Oilers dynasty, in particular, their first Stanley Cup. He also plans to highlight his experience as a hostage when slighted by a gunman in his Edmonton home. 

The National Telegraph reached out to Cadieux via Instagram, where he explained that Pocklington “definitely had enough of an interesting life to have someone do a movie.”


Anthony Daoud

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