Amanda Nunes Makes UFC History in fight with Canadian Felicia Spencer

Written By Neil McKenzie-Sutter, Posted on June 7, 2020

On Saturday night, June 6th, Brazilian Amanda Nunes made UFC history with her victory over Canadian Felicia Spencer in the final, main card event of UFC 250. 

In doing so, Nunes made history as she is the first female UFC fighter to defend a title while simultaneously holding two titles: she was the champion for both MMA featherweight and bantamweight women’s titles before the fight with Spencer, specifically defending the featherweight name.


Nunes is considered by many to be the best female fighter in the world currently, and although she was heavily favoured to win, it also wasn’t a sure thing. 

Spencer was believed to pose a tough opponent for Nunes. Although Nunes dominated throughout, Spencer gave her a close battle up to the end of the fourth, when Nunes brought Spencer to the ground in a severe chokehold, however, without enough time left in the round to KO Spencer in this manner.

Spencer returned with renewed energy for about a minute of action before it went to the ground with Nunes dominating. Time was called at 0:55, and this was most likely to allow Spencer to clean blood from free-flowing cuts to her head/face. Spencer fought through the entire final round, demonstrating tremendous toughness because the fight was a foregone conclusion at this point.


In the final analysis, this was a fight that genuinely demonstrated Nunes’ dominance of the sport, only highlighted by the spirited resistance Spencer put up.

UFC 250 was also significant because it had no in-house audience, and was originally scheduled to take place on April 7th in Sao Paulo, Brazil but was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Instead, the fight took place in Las Vegas, USA, although the UFC still faces heavy media criticism for not postponing their events further. 

Neil McKenzie-Sutter

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