Thousands Assembled in Toronto At November Rally

Written By Neil McKenzie-Sutter, Posted on December 1, 2021

This past Saturday, Nov. 20th, thousands of Torontonians/Ontarians assembled at Queen’s Park just North of the Provincial Legislature Building to protest against overzealous lockdown orders/mandates that have been in place for over 18 months in Ontario. 

While the protestors assembled to demonstrate their opposition specifically to tyrannical measures put in place by Ontario Premier Doug Ford, this specific event at Queen’s Park was part of the ‘World Wide Demonstration’ event, which is a loosely affiliated organization which event has run since March 2021, and was set up to show solidarity with other communities facing similarly extreme COVID-19 related restrictions on their freedoms, which appears to be most countries in the world at the time of writing this article. 

Specifically, the Nov. 20th event was used to show solidarity with the Austrian people, who at the time we are staring down the barrel of the most egregious pandemic restrictions anywhere in the world. 

These ‘World Wide Demonstration’ associated events are usually slated on the 3rd Saturday of each month at noon when at that time in each locality. Those looking to find out more information about the events are recommended to follow the Telegram, linked here, as concerned citizens interested in attending events like this shouldn’t be turned off by the idea that they are only held in large, capital cities. While the largest such event in Ontario was most likely the Toronto one, other events were held simultaneously in other Ontario cities, for ex: North Bay, Whitby, London, and Ottawa. 

While total numbers are difficult to ascertain, the Toronto rally gathered approximately 2000 to 3000 participants, who gathered at Queen’s Park starting between 11 am and 2 pm where attendants were treated to musical acts as well as guest speakers who shared personal/professional experiences of they tyrannical behaviour they’ve witnessed during this dark time period.

The turnout in Toronto while most likely featuring one of the largest turnouts in of any Canadian event saw a significant downturn in attendants from previous events, which is acknowledged event by mainstream outlets as reaching 10k protestors, but other potentially more trustworthy sources have rated these events at perhaps reaching 20k, although again this is extremely hard to ascertain accurately. 

While this downturn in attendees is unsurprising considering the cold weather, some protest organizers have expressed disappointment that few Torononians/Ontarians appear concerned at the erasure of their freedoms to show up to protest, and they may indeed be correct to be concerned about this lacklustre turnout, considering governments around the world appear to be taking away more freedoms as time goes on. 

However, what if some citizens who might otherwise be interested in attending a ‘worldwide demonstration’ associated event, or other such events, have concerns about perhaps not aligning with potentially ‘extremist’ or ‘fringe’ beliefs of protestors/organizers of such events? Certainly, this is the perception the mainstream media and governments want citizens to have of these events, but is that the truth of the situation? While the mainstream media and present-day governments almost appear to be 100% populated with pathological liars, TNT was interested to attend the Nov. 20th event to learn just exactly who are the attendees of these/or similar type events? 

Unsurprisingly, TNT discovered mainstream media and governments critical of events similar to the Nov. 20th ‘World Wide Demonstration’ to be lying, or mischaracterizing the tone of the event to a substantial degree. 

While indeed some of the individuals/organizations could be characterized as having ‘fringe’ or perhaps unsubstantiated beliefs about governments or other public figures, vaccines, most of the attendants of the protest were regular people with regular, and indeed ‘essential’ jobs required to keep communities running, for ex: medical professionals, teachers & education workers, construction workers, and etc. you name it. Indeed, the majority of the attendants of the Nov. 20 Queen’s Park event seemed to be regular, upstanding members of the community who are fed up with the corrupt and oppressive actions of the Ontario government. 

Here are the statements of a few attendees of the Nov. 20th event, and their reasons for wanting to show up to the event: 

‘“I see the utility in having a large number of people showing open non-compliance to bogus edicts by self-proclaimed authorities,” said Thomas, one attendee at the event. “I see value in just meeting people of similar views. It’s nice to network, and I see value in that.” 

Additionally on the issue of safety, while some of the really eye-catching footage of violent protests gone wrong, ex: burning tires and cars, water cannons, etc., this is apparently not the attitude of Toronto events, as it was observed by one of the early speakers at the event that the relationship with the Toronto police is not bad, while not perfect. While it’s fine to have criticisms of police agencies and the Toronto Police Service on other issues, their handling of security for the Nov. 20th Queens’ Park event is not one of them, and this is apparently has been the standard operating procedure since the ‘World Wide Demonstration’ events began in March, observed by other media organizations as well. 

Why is this important? Well, for those well-mannered Canadians hoping to avoid a scene but still wanting to get out there, at least in the instance of Nov. 20th and prior events, it seems they have little to be worried about. 

Neil McKenzie-Sutter

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