Sonya Savage Not Seeking Re-Election, Rajan Sawhney Rumoured As Calgary-North West Nominee

Written By The National Telegraph, Posted on March 24, 2023

Alberta’s Minister of Energy and UCP MLA for Calgary-North West Sonya Savage announced today that she will not be seeing reelection in her riding for the 2023 Alberta provincial election slated to begin in just a couple of months.

Minister Savage was one of the most recognizable members of the UCP government and had been very popular for her tireless defence and promotion of Alberta’s energy industry.

This comes on the same day that Alberta’s Finance Minister Travis Toews also announced he will not be seeking reelection in his riding of Grand Prarie-Wapiti.

Travis Toews and Sonya Savage.

Now that the Calgary-North West nomination is open for the 2023 provincial election there are names circulating of people who are potentially interested in running.

One rumour The National Telegraph has been contacted about by several sources is that Premier Danielle Smith and the UCP executive may plan on replacing Sonya Savage as the Calgary-North West nominee with Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Rajan Sawhney.

Sawhney just a couple of weeks ago announced she would not be seeking reelection in Calgary-North East, and if the rumours are true, it may appear that Sawhney was not confident in her ability to win her own riding in 2023 and is opting to replace Savage in her much safer riding. The National Telegraph is unaware of any deal that may have been struck or if the UCP is just not confident with its ability to run a nomination race on short notice. 

The National Telegraph will be publishing updates on this story as more information comes out.

The National Telegraph

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