National Defence may intervene as Fort McMurray declares State of Emergency

Written By Guest User, Posted on April 27, 2020

Earlier today, the City of Fort McMurray declared a state of emergency due to flooding that has overwhelmed the region and forced evacuations of several communities, including Draper and the Ptarmigan Court Trailer Park. 

The former had a voluntary evacuation notice issued at 8:45 am that has since been updated to a mandatory notice, as of 10:41 am.

At 9:22 am, a mandatory evacuation notice was issued to the Taiga Nova Eco-Industrial Park, as well as the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo at 10:41 am.


The city’s water treatment plant has not been affected by the floods, and its water supply remains uncompromised. The local government is urging its residents against bulk purchases of drinking water at this time.

They are considering all options as it monitors the rising water levels, amidst several blockades to the Athabasca, Snye and Clearwater Rivers, according to its Member of Parliament, David Yurdiga.

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In correspondence with Yurdiga, The National Telegraph learned that the city’s mayor is considering a request for “Additional support from National Defence.” If the situation worsens, the potential for National Defence to “blow up the ice blockades” that have exacerbated flooding in the region remains. 

Now, the next steps are being considered by the governing officials rapidly as the situation continues to evolve. “The people that are evacuating from local municipalities will be sheltered in various hotels across Fort McMurray, to ensure they have a place to go,” says Yurdiga. 

The number of people affected by the ongoing floods remains unknown.


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