Kenney Government rolls out new Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation board

Written By Guest User, Posted on January 27, 2020

Premier Jason Kenney’s government announced today the founding of the Alberta Indigenous Crown Corporation (AIOC), a first of its kind partnership between the province and Indigenous Albertans. 

The board will oversee a crown corporation designed to support Indigenous investment in natural resource projects in Alberta, which includes everything from oil and gas to renewable energy and forestry. 

“This will be a game-changer for Indigenous communities seeking to be owners of resource projects. It will also help all Albertans to get resource projects done. With the board now in place, the AIOC can now fulfil its mandate to enfranchise Indigenous communities in Alberta, to lift their people from poverty to prosperity by becoming partners in the energy projects that have created so much wealth for our province.”

~ Premier Jason Kenney ~

Now that the board is established, they plan to get down to the work of determining which First Nations can receive portions of the $1 billion available in various forms of investment support, including loan guarantees. 

“Our goal as board members is to have Indigenous communities acquire meaningful economic participation that leads to social benefits from the sustainable development of our natural resources. The AIOC will achieve this by enabling significant Indigenous equity participation in commercially viable projects.”

~ Cody Church, board chair, AIOC ~

Any project proposals considered by the AIOC must have at least $20 million of Indigenous investment. However, different First Nations can join together to come up with the funds. 


While the board will consider projects that are based outside of Alberta, they must be able to demonstrate that they benefit Alberta’s energy sector. 

“We’re pleased to announce the new Board of Directors for the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation (AIOC). This first-of-its-kind Crown corporation will help First Nations & Métis people become true partners in prosperity.”

Rick Wilson, Minister of Indigenous Relations

AIOC board members include: 

  •  Cody Church, chair  

  •  Stephen Buffalo, vice-chair

  •  Heather Barnhouse 

  •  Gary Bosgoed 

  •  Strater Crowfoot

  •  Aroon Sequeira

  •  Peter Williams

 •  Donavon Young

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