Farkas did not breach Code of Conduct, says retired Supreme Court Justice

Written By Guest User, Posted on May 15, 2020

On Monday, May 11th, Calgary City Councillor Jeromy Farkas issued a statement regarding the investigation into his December 2018 post concerning City Council’s pay raise.

In December 2018, Farkas provided evidence that they were scheduled for a salary increase of 2.37% for 2019, according to Statistics Canada data. 

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He was then booted from the Council Chambers shortly after for the alleged breach of section 11 of its Code of Conduct, which Farkas cites was done “without evidence and in error.” 

Council had 90 days to give a ruling on the matter but failed to reach a decision within the time limit.

He sought the legal advice of the Honourable John Major, C.C., Q.C., a retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, who concluded in a May 10th letter that Farkas did not violate the code of conduct and that City Council had no grounds for expulsion because of political expression, counteracting the report by the current integrity commissioner and former justice Sal Lovecchio, who cites Farkas was inaccurate in his claims.

“As an elected city councillor, you have a primary duty to your ward but also a general duty to the whole of the city and its citizens, says Major. “That includes providing commentary on the effects of proposed legislation.”

According to the Municipal Government Act of Alberta, City Council had no grounds for expulsion, as there was “[no] disruptive physical contact that impeded the conduct of the meeting.”

Later proven correct, Farkas expressed his frustrations into the 510-day old incident. He claims this was a ‘political stunt’ by Council, who seemed ‘desperate.’ 

“I am disgusted that this long-settled issue is being dragged up at a time when Calgarians are fighting for their lives and facing financial catastrophe,” he states. “Rather than turning on each other, our full attention should be on protecting our neighbours through this global crisis and helping with their economic recovery.”

In correspondence with Ward 11, they affirmed their commitment to tackling the “realities Calgarians are facing as a result of this pandemic.” From health, safety, financial and mental health, they stated: “It is not in Calgarians’ best interests to keep this at the forefront of news beyond what has already taken place this week.”

“I was elected by my constituents, not Council, I will continue to champion their interests at all meetings. That is my right, and my duty, under the law.”

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