Enoch Cree Nation Chief Billy Morin committed on “a unified vision of Indigenous self-determination,” as Grand Chief for Treaty Six

Written By Guest User, Posted on January 4, 2020

Enoch Cree Nation Chief Billy Morin believes, “A strong, self-determined First Nations peoples benefits all Albertans and Canadians, socially and economically.” Now, as the Grande Chief of Treaty 6, he strives to uplift his peoples in the spirit of reconciliation.

Past endorsements of the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation, which provides loans totalling $1 billion for Indigenous enterprises on natural resource infrastructure until 2023, shares in that vision. To promote the entrepreneurial spirit of and provide jobs to Alberta’s First Nations.

In a press release, Morin writes, “It is an honour to follow in the footsteps of my mentor Grand Chief Willie Littlechild, who blazed a trail ensuring the next generation of [leaders] is prepared to defend Treaty 6 as long as the sun shines, grass grows, and rivers flow.” 

Morin was the youngest chief in the history at 28 when he was elected in 2015 — now serving his third term. He will serve as Grande Chief for a one-year term, following the retirement of Willie Littlechild.

He has also pledged to advocate for issues on-reserve, including affordable housing, and sovereign healthcare to promote “a unified vision of Indigenous self-determination and [protect] Treaty Six rights.”

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