Edmonton Councillor pens letter calling for end to COVID-19 state of emergency

Written By Guest User, Posted on April 22, 2020

In a letter posted to his Facebook page earlier today, Edmonton councillor called upon Mayor Don Iveson and his fellow councillors to end the State of Local Emergency (SOLE) that was put in place on March 20, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The SOLE was originally supposed to last for seven days, but has been continuously renewed up until this point. As of this evening, the city council voted again to extend the SOLE, 12-1, with Councillor Dziadyk being the only opposing vote.

In his letter, Councillor Dziadyk notes four reasons for not supporting the continuation of the SOLE: 

  1. The goal of SOLE was to help flatten the curve. According to Alberta Health Services, the Edmonton curve is flat. 

  2. We should not request more power than is needed. We can be national leaders in reducing government overreach into Canadian civil society. 

  3. The people of Edmonton elected us to make decisions and now, more than ever, it is time for thoughtful responses through debate instead of swift action by the unelected City Administration. 

  4. The special powers that the SOLE grants us are essentially redundant with what senior orders of government have already, and continue to, provide. 

You can find the full letter below:

letter 1.jpg

letter 2.jpg

Councillor Dziadyk provided TNT with some additional commentary on the matter, writing that “SOLE was beneficial to getting the ball rolling with the administration making quick decisions. Now we need  thoughtful, deliberate actions through Council decisions.”

The SOLE will be up for renewal in another seven days. However, it can be cancelled at any time by the Emergency Operation Committee.

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