What does Biden mean by ‘Trunalimunumaprzure’?

Written By Gerry Kaur, Posted on November 3, 2020

What does Biden mean by saying ‘Trunalimunumaprzure’?

We need to talk about a massive problem with Joe Biden: his obvious and lowering cognitive agility. 

Did you miss this moment on Oct. 30th, when Biden screamed this out at a campaign stop in Luzerne County, PA: 

… I’ll do what he’s (Trump’s) unable to do. I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize Trunalimunumaprzure.

What does this non-word – Trunalimunumaprzure – mean? The word stumped this sign language interpreter totally

The truth is you might not have actually seen this enormous gaffe because it’s a verifiable fact that in the election that the media/massive, California-based big tech sites are obviously biased against President Trump, and favoring Democrat Joe Biden, which motivation is leading them to censor information damaging to Biden’s election chances. 

This censorship, though, is probably a harder job than the big tech companies probably expected because Joe Biden has traditionally been thought of a gaffe King, even before the 2020 cycle.

There are simply too many Biden mistakes to effectively censor, however this ‘Trunalimunumaprzure’ gaffe represents a different kind of problem for Biden. 


Though this hasn’t been confirmed medically, there is a growing body of evidence suggesting Biden’s cognitive speed is on decline, and has been in decline for years, and I personally believe he’s now too slow and unmotivated to be president of the US. 

The first really clear evidence we saw of this was Biden’s ‘Cornpop/hairy legs’ speech, which went viral in 2019 during the Democratic primary season, although it’s significant this speech actually dated from summer, 2017

The speech showcased a rambling Joe Biden that hadn’t been seen this incoherent in the public before. Biden has always been known as a gaff machine, but now that he isn’t as fast on his feet each gaff is more apparent and longer. 

The ‘Cornpop/hairy legs’ moment was so damning in fact that the highly biased mainstream media has needed to discuss the issue from time to time. It had to be, and would be impossible for any media company to deny this was happening. Again, since summer 2017 and the ‘Cornpop/hairy legs’ moment there have been many more moment’s showcasing Biden’s decline.


There are two conclusions the informed, considerate American voter should draw from this: the likely fact Biden has never known what he’s talking about and can’t even hide it anymore

Well, there’s actually three conclusions you can draw and the first one is that Joe Biden is totally unfit to be president and you shouldn’t vote for him on that reason alone. 

The second conclusion is this situation shows the totally obvious bias the media has for Biden and against Trump because for years, incredibly, many media companies previously argued that Trump was unfit to government because he may have dementia.


To be clear, I personally believe the question of Trump having dementia is a bunch of malarkey. He’s certainly old and overweight, so I’m not saying you shouldn’t ask questions about his health. Trump is also certainly a bit gruff, rough around the edges, and he also speaks in a disjointed way that is easy for the leftwing-biased media to edit and make him look dumber than reality. 

Take a look at any video of Trump from ten years ago, or earlier, and while he looks older now, he talks the same way today. Do the same experiment with Biden, and you can see a clear decline. 

Today, Trump is out there campaigning in swing states like a madman; with the energy of someone half his age, while Biden has fallen into a pattern of calling a morning lid on campaigning, sometimes avoiding public appearances for days on end

This brings us to the third conclusion you should draw from this ‘Trunalimunumaprzure’ gaffe, which is that Biden has absolutely nothing of value to say to the American people and clearly is just saying stuff hoping the Democrats prop up his campaign for him.


Biden from the 1980’s and 1990’s was the exact same way but he was far quickly and smoother on his feet back then, and with a bit of plagiarism, he could come off as a pretty charismatic guy. Now that he has slowed down and seems not to really care that much anymore, he’s just flat out bumbling his way through speeches openly saying nothing of substance unless he is speaking completely off of a teleprompter.

Some people say Biden may have some form of dementia, or another cognitive issue, but that is giving the man too much credit. Really what is happening is Biden’s arrogant disregard for the truth is being exposed through his lack of speed at the age of 76.

So to answer the question: does Biden mean by ‘Trunalimunumaprzure’? Well it seems to be a creative new way of asking for suckers to vote for him.

Gerry Kaur

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