Trudeau is Running Out of People to Throw Under the Bus

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on August 18, 2020

On August 17, Bill Morneau tendered his resignation as Canada’s Finance Minister, and declared his intent to put his name forward as a candidate for Secretary General of the OECD. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement regarding Morneau’s resignation sounded politically neutral in its delivery and even supportive of Morneau’s bid for Secretary General of the OECD.

“Today, Bill has announced that he will put forward his name as a candidate to be the next Secretary General of the OECD. Canada will vigorously support his bid to lead this important global institution that will play a critical role in the global economic recovery.”

Despite Prime Minister Trudeau’s words, it was clear Morneau’s departure was not a smooth and friendly farewell but a forceful ejection from the Federal Liberal Government and Morneau being “thrown under the bus”.

Since Trudeau was protecting himself against the political damage over the WE Charity scandal, which he [Trudeau] needed to sacrifice Morneau for his own involvement right before proroguing parliament. 


The Liberal Party can make it seem as if someone has been held accountable for taking money from WE Charity, and then stop the four committees from further investigating hoping the Canadian public forgets about the Trudeau family’s far worse corrupt involvement with WE. 

Despite Morneau being towards the end of his tenure as Canadian Finance Minister, Morneau often clashed with Trudeau over his green plans and blind deficit spending, which would also be a shock if the Liberal Party pin the blame for all that on Morneau as well. The Liberals can pretend afterwards that there is a new direction behind their financial policy when it will likely be business as usual. 

The new Canadian Finance Minister and current Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland has never exactly been known for her political independence and was likely installed in Morneau’s old role because she will follow orders.

Whether this political strategy to recover popularity works, Trudeau and the Liberal Party are running out of people to “throw under the bus” to make up for the Prime Minister’s own incompetence and corruption. 

Trudeau of course always has more cabinet ministers around him to fire, but fewer and fewer Ministers who can really be said to have known better if something goes awry – an issue exasperated by the other Liberal ministers Trudeau has forced to resign in the past.

Although the current Attorney General, David Lametti does have a law degree, unlike Jody Wilson-Raybould Lametti has never held a high legal position in the past like being a Crown Prosecutor. Even Worse, current Minister of Health Patty Hajdu unlike her predecessor Jane Philpott, lacks a medical degree or any medical experience and instead only possessed an arts degree. Now with Freeland, a journalist turned politician, being the new Finance Minister, there is a major accountability gap within Trudeau’s cabinet.

(Left) Jody Wilson-Raybould (Right) Jane Philpott

(Left) Jody Wilson-Raybould (Right) Jane Philpott

When Trudeau has placed people into ministerial positions, which of whom do not possess adequate experience in the areas they are now in leadership positions for, he [Trudeau] leaves himself out as the one responsible for any failures or corrupt practices.

Prime Minister Trudeau is actively selecting new ministers not for their skill and experience, but for their ability to follow orders. Then as the one giving orders, the buck must stop with Trudeau as it already should have been, if he was an actual competent leader. 

Funny how it wasn’t too long ago that Trudeau and the Liberals’ poll numbers were riding high to the point that members of all other parties feared Trudeau calling an election, and the situation has since reversed itself with the Bloc Québécois and the Conservatives now actively seeking an election.

This is all not exactly shocking as Trudeau has made it a habit of finding new and creative ways of fumbling his large polling leads – at seemingly the most inconvenient times possible.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

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