Trudeau Government Can’t Message Its Way Out Of A 10-Point Polling Deficit

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on August 8, 2023

Since the massive cabinet overhaul, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have been facing an increasingly steep polling deficit behind Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative Party. Rather than looking to make fundamental changes to how their government operates, the Liberals have decided to simply post their way through the political crisis on social media.

No big pivots in policy have been made, instead, the Liberals are just tweeting about their claimed accomplishments in government.

It feels like witnessing the Liberals fighting an election on social media with no federal election on the horizon. 

All governments promote the things they are doing for the general public, but it seems like much of what the Liberals are posting about are just old policies they passed and most people forgot about. 

Promoting your policy is a good idea but the way the Liberals and Trudeau are doing it feels desperate and sweaty. 

In the complete opposite direction, Justin Trudeau’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford has been pushing the line that Canadians should be scared of the Conservatives because most of them are not pro-abortion radicals.

Apparently, the Conservatives are very bad because they all voted for Bill C-311 which would increase penalties for criminals who assault pregnant women. Most people who saw Telford’s post called out the monstrous illogic of believing having upgraded penalties for harming a pregnant woman’s unborn child is an attack on “women’s rights.” 

Telford became rather manic and aggravated when her original tweet got fact-checked on Twitter and posted a weak explanation to defend the premise of the hyper-partisan article she shared. 

And then there is Justin Trudeau announcing that he and his 15-year-old son were on “We’re Team Barbie” alongside a photo of them at a theatre about to go see the Barbie movie. 

Obviously, this was meant to troll Conservatives on Facebook and Twitter (now called X, apparently) and reactivate Liberal supporters to defend the prime minister from the perceived sensitivity of Conservatives overreacting to Justin Trudeau’s post. 

Frankly, it seems to have somewhat worked in reactivating Trudeau’s social media defenders, but neither Trudeau’s Barbie post nor his government’s regurgitating of old policy achievements is going to dig them out of the 10-point deficit. 

Just today another poll was released from Nanos showing the Conservatives up 10 points on the Liberals, with the Liberals base starting to slowly shrink and bleed support to the NDP.

Canadians aren’t moving away from the Liberals because they forgot all the “great” stuff the Liberals have been doing and how “scary” the more socially conservative Conservatives are; they are moving away because their lives have gotten noticeably worse in spite of everything the Liberals are doing.

I also think the left-wing social radicalism of the Liberals has likely made Canadians tired of fearmongering over Conservative politicians who hold traditional values. Most Canadians embrace those traditional values in one way or another so don’t appreciate people being denigrated for holding them. 

The silver lining for Canadians who do not like Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is that their failure to admit to any failures/mistakes and make policy adjustments means we are very likely to have a Conservative majority government after 2025 at which point Trudeau’s entire agenda can be repealed.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

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