The Left Thinks Some Forms of Indoctrination Are Good

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on September 20, 2023

The Canadian progressive left does not see ‘indoctrination’ as a dirty word.

It has been made very clear over the past several months that the progressive left places a higher value on indoctrinating children into their fringe value system than protecting the relationship between parents and their children.

This was made very clear by the smear against Red Deer Catholic school board trustee Monique LaGrange, who was attacked for taking a stand against indoctrination.

LaGrange posted a meme comparing children waving Nazi flags in 1930s Germany to children today waving pride-progress flags with the header “Brainwashing is brainwashing”. This jab at hard-left progressive social education in schools singled LaGrange out for destruction by the legacy media and progressive activists.

They intentionally missed LaGrange’s point and accused her of trying to make a 1:1 comparison between National Socialism and modern gender ideology. 

This was utterly ridiculous and even the most mildly attentive observer understood Ms. LaGrange was simply making a point about indoctrination. It is fundamentally wrong to educate children into parroting a divisive ideology they are not mature enough to understand, and gender theory in schools is definitely divisive. 

When The National Telegraph reached out to Monique LaGrange she explained the situation, stating: 

I posted a story on social media that received a lot of attention. The Chair of the Board called me and asked me to take it down, which by then the story had expired and was already down. The story of the meme is centred around indoctrination and how children are vulnerable to evil agendas (agendas coming from organizations like Planned Parenthood, the U.N. or SOGI123) filtering through culture. This meme is not comparing or attacking the LGBTQ community, it is about protecting our children and keeping parents as the primary educators.

If it wasn’t divisive the progressive left would not be stumping against parental rights and trying to prevent parents from having the ability to know if their child is identifying as an alternative gender at school. 

The left doesn’t actually think that LaGrange or other individuals and groups defending parental rights are attacking the LGBT community. Parental rights activists are not demanding socially conservative indoctrination, they want no indoctrination. This is an issue for the progressive left, indoctrination in schools is a tool to increase the popularity of their fringe social views. 

The left is super freaked out by the massive popularity garnered by the #1MillionMarch4Children and Leave Our Kids Alone movement because of how it has united countless numbers of different communities in Canada against indoctrination in schools. 

In response to the fact that the parental rights movement is overtly diverse in terms of political views and ethnic and religious background, the progressive left has further exposed themselves as nothing but bullies by smearing the movement as “racist” “bigoted” and “hateful.” Leaks of teacher union Zoom meetings showing how blatant the perpetuation of these false narratives are. 

The way progressive leftists are entirely comfortable with trying to bully the parental rights movement out of the public square is reflective of the way they treat students. 

We all remember the spate of secretly recorded videos being released showing teachers effectively bullying Muslims students for skipping pride events.

It was entirely inappropriate and demonstrated schools are not being made more accepting through the teaching of gender theory, it’s being made more hostile towards those kids who do not accept the indoctrination. 

The good thing is that it seems like the parental rights movement will win out over the progressive left busybodies. The vast majority of Canadians in fact think indoctrination and the progressive left should try exercising their much-ballyhooed skill in acceptance and accept they are on the wrong side of the indoctrination issue. 

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

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