Rule of law doesn’t apply to eco-colonizers

Written By Amiel Pion, Posted on February 19, 2020

The eco-activists involved in the current anti-pipeline protests have brazenly maintained their illegal blockade against the main artery of the Canadian economy. There is no arguing that these protestors have used illicit means to proceed and accomplish their own political goals. Without the constant flow of critical goods and materials, Canada is at risk of economic stagnation and resource shortages due to the foolish actions of young anti-energy ideologues.

It will create low investor confidence and create a reluctance to invest in Canada because of radical environmentalists and Trudeau’s constant attack on the oil and gas sector.  

The eco-radicals intention of the most has the hostile and malicious intent of “threatening a great energy project that has gone through all the tests and assessments and which holds the vast promise of economic benefits and jobs?” 1 

Eco-terrorist have wholly bought into the environmentalist propaganda culture and rhetoric to create a dangerous fundamentalist view were the facts, logic, and truth die in front of the altar of extreme ideologies. Democracy will disappear under the weight of mob rule.

The tragic hit to Canadian oil and gas

Illogical and irrational opposition towards natural gas pipelines all points towards the fanatical belief of environmental protesters making up a tiny minority of the population. They believe all development should be stopped because of the harmful effects on the environment.

The potential loss of ethical Canadian oil against the competing interest of totalitarian OPAC cartels would be disastrous for the rest of the democratic world. A Shakespearean tragedy that seems to go utterly unregarded in the conversation of Canadian energy development. 


Most natural gas will be exported toward Asian markets, which are in critical need of energy resources for their growing economy. The extent of energy in this rising market is unrealized if this continues.

What is also frequently ignored is the low carbon emission produced by any natural gas. It isn’t a hidden secret, education websites like How Stuff Works will simply tell you, “While combustion of natural gas does produce carbon dioxide, it produces about 30 percent less than oil and 45 percent less than coal, and natural gas doesn’t produce ash particles like coal and oil do, which adds to air pollution.”


The coastal LNG pipeline is environmentally friendly and has gained the vital support of the four of the five elected council of the Wet’suwet’en’s First Nation.

The LNG, as stated by Karen Ogen-Toews CEO, (First Nation LNG Alliance), most of the funding will help, and the “only way to overcome poverty is through proper training, trades, education and a job.”

If the rule of law is not respected and the compliance is not in force with pure vigilance, then democratic norms are overthrown with the replacement of the mob rule. Enforcement of the law and respecting liberal standards ought to prevail. The violation of the vestal peace ought to be responded with intolerance ruling and implementation of the law.  

The PM is failing taxpayers

Where is our majesty, Justin Trudeau? His highness absence has abdicated or renounced his sovereign power towards the clamours of the mob rule. The usurpation is complete, and Canada is taken captive against her own will. 

The dialogue is no remedy for those who believe to be the overseer or keeper of truth.  Lose of the railway service, blockade and lack of protection for our pipelines, and our natural interest has no vanguard against the ills committed against it. 

The meek cannot defend itself without proper leadership. Capitulation is demanded and rewards the mob for its abject abandonment of the rule of law. Possibilities’ ruination of the country’s economy and neglect to the forces towards the wicked is appalling.

Canada’s national economic interest is neglected and for a scrap of a seat in the UN security council, which requires political support for countries that avoids human rights violations. If our majesty is willing to support human rights causes, the justification is lacking and hypocritical.   

Our Prime Minister lacks fortitude and insight towards these new crises. This issue is not an excessive local issue, but a national emergency.  The loss of possible jobs, economic revenue and crippling of the economy is a slap towards Canadians. The neglect has left and lead to the complete subjugation and dominance of the mob rule. Liberal democracy will die without the proper respect and enforcement of its norms.


Amiel Pion

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