Lefty Chilliwack Media Pushes Lurid “Wild Sex” Candidate as School Trustee

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on February 3, 2021

The local Chilliwack news publication, The Chilliwack Progress, a subsidiary of Black Press, seems to be dedicated to pushing the particularly strange school board trustee candidate Carin Bondar in the upcoming by-election. 

This all became quite apparent yesterday, a day after a story was published at The National Telegraph (TNT) by the Transgender anti-SOGI-123 activist Jenn Smith, who tore into Bondar for her arguably inappropriate obsession and portrayal of sexual education materials. That story has at the time of publishing has been viewed over 6,000 times.

Bondar has a heavy focus in her education series on sex in the animal kingdom with episodes in the series Wild Sex with titles like, “You Can’t Rape An Elephant,” and other things most parents presumably may not want to be associated with the operation of their local education system.

Jenn Smith’s story goes into more detail about Bondar’s history which can be viewed here.

In The Chilliwack Progress’ story, attempting to do damage control for Bondar, they focus primarily on the Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball parody video that Bondar shot and starred in, sidestepping the obvious issues with it from the view of the voting public, by pushing the fact that it was parody as if that changes the logistics of what was filmed. 

The author of The Chilliwack Progress story, Jessica Peters, who is notably a Facebook friend of Bondar, seems to refuse to reference the TNT story throughout her article as if to silently admit to the fact that Jenn Smith is criticizing more than just Bondar for being an “artist”. 

Jess Peters, along with lefty Chilliwack School Board Trustees on Carin Bondar’s Facebook friends list.

Jess Peters, along with lefty Chilliwack School Board Trustees on Carin Bondar’s Facebook friends list.

Peters splices in quotes from Bondar addressing her past work, which act more of obfuscations of the truth, with statements like, “I create work that exists at the intersection of art and science,” and “I took the opportunity to create a piece about evolution and yes, the approach was cheeky.”

Bondar at one point, regarding her show Wild Sex, said “It was a purposefully provocative show, the approach was a risk,” before excusing her sexualized style in her “educational” content by referencing its success. 

This is a pattern throughout Peters’ interview with Bondar where Bondar frames her older content as “provocative,” “cheeky,” or “art,” before proceeding to act as if its high distribution brushes away the controversy, and Peters seems to do little more than nod along. 

Rather hilariously Peters’ article ends with a quote from Bondar which reads:

I also believe that those who are creating and sharing these videos need to ask what kind of example they are setting for their children. We must rise above trying to create further division in our community, and find higher ground that will better serve our students.

It seems Bondar has stumbled on to the concerns of parents in Chilliwack but in reverse. Parents do not care that people are sharing clips from Bondar’s show, but that those clips of Bondar exist in the first place.


Those sharing information about Bondar are not just a bunch of gossips; this may come as a shock to The Chilliwack Progress, but parents would be less than comfortable with someone who promotes radical sexual liberation, who wears shirts that say “legalize everything” influencing the delivery of their children’s education.

In an interview with The National Telegraph, Jenn Smith highlighted Bondar’s comment accusing people like him of creating “further division” as farcical in context.

Smith said:

The funny thing is that this all began with a relatively tame letter that I wrote to the editor, in which I simply asked voters to vote for the candidate they felt most likely to promote peace in the boardroom and listen to all sides. I did not endorse any candidate. The reaction however was extreme, I was immediately besieged by mainly Carin Bondar supporters who pounded me with anger and viciousness. This of course made me curious who this woman was. When I investigated her background, not her personal life, but her publicly published work, I was mortified because she seemed the antithesis of what I thought was needed. They could not have found a more extreme far left hypersexual liberal candidate if they tried. It was as if they were thumbing their noses at the large conservative and Christian community in Chilliwack and the odds of her bringing peace are virtually zero.

It seems from the local media coverage from The Chilliwack Progress that there is more interest in pushing forward ideology onto the education system rather than serving the needs of children. There was no article written allowing Chilliwack School Board Trustee Barry Neufeld to defend himself for smoking during a Zoom meeting, rather he was attacked by the media, but in Bondar’s case, she is protected by the media like bodyguards.


They defend Bondar’s hypersexual work by implying it is old and irrelevant material gathered by busybodies, ignoring the fact this is publicly published work that Bondar does not distance herself from but claims she is proud of today, which means it is current and relevant today. The Chilliwack Progress also focused on her tame Wrecking ball video, ignoring a highlight reel that is much more extreme.

Clearly, the local lefty media doesn’t just view Bondar as just another candidate and instead view her as an acolyte for their hyper-progressive views on education.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

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