Leftist See Crisis As Opportunity To Bash Albertans… Again

Written By Brian Huff, Posted on December 11, 2020

Leftists just can’t help themselves from two things: Alberta bashing and Conservative Bashing. To them, it’s basically the same thing. From the NEP to Trudeau saying Albertans are what is wrong with this country, they really hate them. If CBC told them something as silly as the world is flat, because Alberta and the mean Conservatives Flattened it, they would believe it. And the bashing has only gotten worse with the pandemic.

The CBC could not resist running an Op-Ed labelling Alberta as a new “Have Not Province”. It did not occur to them that this money will be yanked as soon as the pandemic is over, that Alberta is actually still a “Have Province” despite it all, and Albertans will almost certainly be given everyone else’s bill in the end.


More recently, an Ottawa professor, who lashed out at Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer for not going beyond the legal written limits of her role and was thoroughly rebuked by Hinshaw herself for doing so, also made headlines again when he claimed in social media that Alberta’s covid numbers were “their own mess”. He went further saying it was unfair for other Provinces to have to bail out “the richest province” unless it kills its businesses. Typical Ottawa.

The Toronto Star joined in this Alberta/Conservative bashing dog pile when they attacked provinces with conservative governments for having a recent spike in CCP virus cases. Ignoring those in the Atlantic Bubble of course, because the conservative majorities in PEI and New Brunswick just don’t seem to fit their narrative. 

PEI Premier Dennis King.

PEI Premier Dennis King.

I would like to say these are isolated incidents of profound ignorance from Snobby University Professors and Laurentian Elite Media, but sadly it is not just them. You need only look up in any social media platforms of what people in other Provinces think of the people who save their safety social net from collapsing. The venom goes deep.

Alberta is targeted time and again, simply because it elects conservative governments, which in large part is in opposition to the rest of Canada’s insistence on electing federal liberal governments who demand more of the wealth Albertans worked hard to make and they did everything to hold them back from doing. So it’s probably a good time to debunk the leftist narrative, that this virus unleashed on the world by the Communist Dystopia of China, is somehow only spread by conservatives.

Particularly as Alberta currently has case numbers comparable with Ontario and Quebec, despite those Provinces having much larger populations. Rachel Notley in particular, one of the few Albertans every Alberta Hater likes, constantly refers to this figure as a “failure” of Premier Kenney’s “Discredited Libertarian extremism”.


These numbers are at least in part explained by higher amounts of per capita testing in Alberta than much of Canada, but moreover, the most conservative areas of the Province actually have FEWER proven case numbers. In fact, the rural heartland of Alberta, where some ridings vote over 80% for conservative parties, has less than 3,400 of the Province’s confirmed active case numbers. Not because they are conservative mind you, but because these rural areas are far less densely populated. 

Though those most vulnerable to mortality are the elderly, the spread of confirmed cases has come primarily from young people living in urban settings. Such as those in the capital, which currently has almost half the province’s active cases, despite only about a third of the province’s population.

Edmonton only elected a single non-NDP MLA in the past 2 provincial elections. That’s directly contrary to the snobby left-wing narrative of Alberta. The same goes in Calgary. Interestingly, Leftists like Rachel Notley seemed to have little against those who were protesting against Police as part of anti-police protests, even though the 1st wave lockdown had not been lifted when they started, and clear evidence that they were not wearing masks when she encouraged their protests. The NDP was strongest in the downtown and in the East and Northeast of the city. These places  are where the spread in Calgary has been strongest in the second wave.

Some may suggest this means leftists are the main spreaders, but I would only go so far as to say that young people in urban settings are the main demographic that spreads the virus, at least in the second wave. And I say this as a young male living in an urban setting. When you think deeper, it makes sense. Young adult urbanites are the most likely to survive infection and therefore least likely to fear it. They are the most likely to feel the impact of poorly thought out government shutdown policies on their lifestyle. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone they would also be the most likely to disobey lockdown restrictions. And they aren’t likely to obey harsher measures, as many leaders are learning. But don’t tell that to any brainless and heartless academics.


Alberta having the youngest population in Canada, 3 years younger than the National Median, combined with growing covid fatigue, largely contributes to its recent rise in case numbers. And contrary to the perception of it being all oil sands workers and farmers, Alberta is one of the more urban provinces, which also contributes to it being harder to contain the virus. The Maritimes by contrast, are fairly rural, have populations more aged than the Canadian average, and are statistically the least likely to travel out of the country. When this is considered, it is not surprising they have had the least proven case numbers among the provinces. This urban/rural divide is largely the case across Canada.

Yet despite all this, the snobbish condescension from Laurentian Elites will continue. And we can still expect that Alberta will be given the bill for Trudeau and Freeland’s massive debt to help every other Province, despite that Alberta benefits the least from it.

Brian Huff

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