Jean Charest Paints Himself As The Anti-Convoy Candidate

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on April 6, 2022

Jean Charest has put out a new proposal to “make blockades of critical infrastructure a criminal offence”. One problem however, blocking critical infrastructure is already illegal. The real issue is that no one is willing to enforce the existing laws on the books, when the protest fits the establishment narrative.

This all came to a head during the Freedom Convoy after the border blockades were cleared, but Trudeau and other politicians wanted more power so they pretended like they needed the power to disregard Canadian’s Charter rights and the legacy media played along.

This became quite evident after the Emergencies Act was invoked and police started cracking down on the Freedom Convoy, at the very same time eco-terrorists in British Colombia attacked the Costal Gaslink pipeline with hatchets doing millions of damage and attacking police and employees with weapons and fire.

It would be ridiculous for anyone to say that they would make that illegal, since everyone understands that vandalism, assault and attempted murder are already illegal. We just need the will of police and politicians to enforce the law when it is done by people whose radical ideology is mirrored by the current Environment Minister.

(Photo from the CBC)

If Jean Charest wanted to send a strong law and order message he would point out that no one has been arrested for the Coastal Gaslink attack and under a Charest administration he would bring them to justice. Instead, he has taken the Trudeau/Ford approach of pretending that the only way to stop some truckers from honking is to throw out the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The question is why would Charest be putting out this message? Obviously, he is not a stupid man, meaning he knows that there is little substance to that promise but instead a political message.

The message to the CPC base is pretty clear here, I do not support the Freedom Convoy and if anything like it happens under a Charest administration  my response would mirror Trudeau’s.

This kind of messaging may seem odd to the CPC base, but like many things the CPC does it can be explained by faulty polling data. At the time it was invoked, the mainstream polling companies were claiming that the Emergencies Act was very popular. They were also claiming at the start of the Convoy that if any Conservative supported them it would be an electoral massacre for them. However, once Conservative started talking to truckers their polling number actually went up.

(Photo from Politico)

There are other articles that will go into depth on just how intentionally flawed these polls are, but Jean Charest is really playing into the antiquated politician stereotype that has been built around him recently.  

Charest is the current darling of the Legacy media members who hold the Conservative party in heavy contempt, and this policy will likely make him more popular with those who would never vote for him in a general election. But will attacking the Freedom Convoy win him the support of actual Conservative voters who were largely in favour of the movement? Only time will tell.

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

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