How Radical Islamists are trying to Destroy The West

Written By Sohail Raza, Posted on November 25, 2020

As a Canadian Muslim, I’m deeply concerned about the state of affairs regarding the Islamist ideology which led to the horrific tragedies in France and Austria.  

Only three international leaders have till today sounded alarm bells and given statements about the dangers of the Islamist threat. 

  1. The honourable Stephen Harper, former Prime Minister of Canada

  2. Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

  3. Recently Emmanuel Macron, President of France

There is a clear distinction between the faith of Islam and Islamism which uses religion for political purposes. Islamism emanates from a political interpretation of the faith, using violence as a tool to forward their subversive agenda of imposing draconian laws (sharia) and 7th-century practices like armed jihad which are no longer valid in the 21st-century. 

Who propagates Islamism? According their own mandate, The Muslim Brotherhood propagates that the West and its values are evil so their institutions must be penetrated, weakened and then destroyed. 

The countries that are leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood ideology are the Islamic Republic of Iran, the State of Qatar, Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey.

There are other Muslim countries with troubling ideologies but let’s focus on the Muslim Brotherhood which has the most dangerous agenda. 

Al Quds Day in Tehran, Iran.

Al Quds Day in Tehran, Iran.

Is the Muslim Brotherhood ideology present in the West? Most definitely. And it can be found in the political structure of Canada as well as in the USA where Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is a prime example.

There are numerous Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Mosques and Islamist Organizations that are present in Canada. 

This is how they operate.

When new immigrants come to Canada, many of them are vulnerable so they are sucked into the Islamist Mosques and Organizations. Many of them have already been fed a diet of hate and dehumanization, while they have been brainwashed to believe that the West has negatively invaded and influenced their lands and minds. They carry grievances both real and imagined and while they are coming to the West, their allegiance is still with the Mullah and Madrassah back home. 

These immigrants are the low hanging fruit which the Islamists cultivate as ticking time bombs through further indoctrination, teaching them to view non-Muslims as enemies.

This is exactly what happened in France and Austria. 

CCTV footage of one of the shooters during the Vienna terror attack.

CCTV footage of one of the shooters during the Vienna terror attack.

In Canada there is also a huge problem.

All three major political parties in Canada have been penetrated by Islamists. Motion 103, the term Islamophobia, the push for sharia law and sharia banking are all indications that the Islamist agenda is at play within the corridors of power. For example, a gentleman with proven association with the Interservices Intelligence Agency of Pakistan also ran as a candidate of a major political party while deserving candidates were shunned! 

Unless all citizens, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, politicians, and law enforcement wake up to the Islamist threat, the circle of violence against our freedoms will continue indefinitely. 

We should listen to the words of France’s President and put our house in order because what is happening in France is only six months to a year away from happening in Canada. 

Sohail Raza

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