Canada’s Political Class Unifies Under Neville Chamberlain Style Appeasement Strategy

Written By R. Duntov, Posted on May 19, 2021

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in an attempt to draw a fallacious moral equivalency argument around the current attacks on Israel by Hamas militants; called for “de-escalation” of hostilities between the state of Israel and Hamas and the Islamic Jihad terrorist militia in Gaza.  It is important to note that according to the Hamas charter, Hamas self-identifies as the Muslim Brotherhood in Israel which they refer to as Palestine, the name used prior to the British Empire leaving the region.  

This false moral equivalence argument is yet another moral surrender by Trudeau to narratives pushed by terrorist organizations and their fundraising arms and state backers around the world that attempt to inject inaccurate and biased propaganda in the West. It is concerning that the Prime Minister of Canada seems to focus on being a mouthpiece to organizations whose values are in direct conflict with the very country Trudeau is tasked with securing.


The situation on the ground escalated yet again when Hamas rocket fire rained upon Israeli cities and civilian targets motivated by the perpetual victim narrative of perceived injustice. Unfortunately, in liberal western societies like Israel, eviction notices due to failure to pay rent are dealt with in Israel just as it is in the US, Canada, or all of western Europe. However, this perceived social injustice was the latest tactic utilized by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to obfuscate from his responsibility to call elections which should have been called in 2008 but have been repeatedly delayed. 

Bowing to international pressure due to the Trump-led Abraham accords, Abbas and the Palestinian Authority were under tremendous pressure to finally call elections 16 years into a four-year term. It appears that the polls were not favouring the pseudo-dictatorship and in a direct attempt, weaponized a legal process of eviction into an intifada against Israel and promptly cancel elections in the West Bank. This was a politically savvy move as it allows the Palestinian Authority to retain power, allow for perceived justification of violence against Jews, and to bait his most extreme terrorist political opponents with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, to martyrism as they walk into the line of fire of the Israeli Defence Force. 


Although all the factual context of the conflict were omitted from Trudeau’s statement and he resisted direct anti-semitic rhetoric for the time being, New Democratic Party leader (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh permanently banned from entering India for his own links to global terrorism, ironically demanded Trudeau halt any weapon sales to Israel. Singh tactfully blamed Israel for using rockets in order to strike back against Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza while omitting the defensive nature of the Israeli strategy.

While Singh’s rhetoric further exposes him as a fringe extremist at the end of his political career, Trudeau’s dog whistle to violent extremists is far more dangerous for Canada’s reputation in the long run.  

Morally equivocation between Hamas attacks and Israeli retaliation will further divide Canadians attitudes and misunderstanding towards Israel, even though no Canadians themselves would put up with the rocket fire Israel is currently experiencing.  This omission of the nature of Israel’s response is why many within Jewish and pro-Israel communities see Trudeau as extremely anti-semitic and bias against Israel. In their view no matter how clear it is that Israel is the victim of Rocket attacks, the government of Canada led by Trudeau will always draw a moral equivalency argument to delegitimize the claims made despite evidence presented by the Israeli government and witnesses on the ground. 

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The one useful yet disappointing political insight that has come out of Trudeau and Singh’s warped perspective on Israel is that it has exposed the anti-Israel positions of a range of political figures now evident within Canada’s conservative parties.  Many conservative party members were shocked and astounded by the following statement from Alberta UPC MLA (Member of Provincial Parliament equivalent) Mickey Amery where he parrots the same messaging from Jagmeet Singh’s fringe-left federal NDP also shared by extremist Islamo-leftist groups. 

Although Erin O’Toole backed up Israel’s right to self-defence, he too has some strange bedfellows in his party.  Members and activists directly linked to Mr. O’Toole’s inner circle, specifically the head of The Canadian Muslim Vote, stated publicly in response to O’Toole’s pro-Israel message “What a shame.  You lost my vote and my donation.”  

It is unclear how and why Canada’s politicians in the Liberal, Conservative, and NDP parties insist on moral equivalency arguments between Hamas (a listed terrorist organization in Canada) attacks and Israel’s obligation to protect its citizens from attack.  Any pressure by Trudeau or any other political leaders in Canada for Israel to “de-escalate” and put at risk innocent Israeli citizens is yet another example of anti-Israel and yes anti-semitic dog-whistling by Canada’s political class. 

Perhaps in the case of Trudeau, his recent cabinet member appointee MPP Omar Alghabra, the only cabinet member in Canadian history who was previously denied entry into the United States due to terrorism concerns, is the strategic Islamist whispering in Trudeau’s ear.  Who is whispering in the ears of the rest of our political class? 

R. Duntov

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