Biden, not Trump, needs to Disavow his Radical Political Connections

Written By Yehuda Steiner, Posted on October 6, 2020

This past week, after President Donald Trump gave an unclear answer when asked to denounce white supremacy and the Proud Boys movement during the first presidential debate, there has been a controversy of sorts surrounding these groups and demands to disavow them. 

What Trump must do whenever he is asked about this in the future, and he must even bring up himself at future debates and whenever he is able to, is Joe Biden’s terrible record on hate groups and hateful statements. Trump must entirely flip the script on this “denounce and disavow” game. To be clear, I don’t think that anyone should be asked to denounce or disavow anything or anyone, unless they have previously stated or expressed any form of support for them.

If there was ever an impression that Trump supports white supremacists, he has denounced them already, as well as the Proud Boys. Biden has a long list of ties to hate groups and bigots, who he has never denounced. If Trump has to disavow the right wing Proud Boys, Biden should have to disavow the left wing ANTIFA, especially in light of all the damage and destruction they have wrought this summer and his earlier dismissal of ANTIFA as “just an idea.”


Unfortunately, that is not the way that the game has been played recently against Trump, and therefore, that is not how he should play it against Biden. Mr. Nice Guy is a stupid course of action, he must hit Biden just as hard as the media hits him. On this point, Trump should demand that Joe denounce his old KKK buddy, Robert Byrd. Byrd left the Klan shortly after joining, supposedly around the mid-late 1940’s, but neither him, nor any association with him would be tolerated by the modern left today. So, Trump should play by their book, and demand that Biden disavow him. 

Next, Trump should demand that Joe denounce the black supremacist and anti-semitic organization, the Nation of Islam and its leader, Louis Farrakhan. Numerous Democrat members of Congress have ties to them, and as I detailed in my first article for The National Telegraph, Biden, along with his VP candidate Kamala Harris, met with one of their followers recently, and he has never been asked about it by the press. 

Trump has a great case to make against Joe on the issue of anti-semitism. Joe has never been asked about how Linda Sarsour ended up speaking at the DNC, nor has he ever denounced her, Trump should demand he does, and her ties to Congressional Democrats. The media doesn’t do its job of asking these questions, Trump should do it himself, whenever he can. 

Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour

Biden claims that Trump is anti-LGBT, and that he is the candidate for the gay community, so, Trump should ask him about his 1973 comment, “my gut reaction is that homosexuals are a security risk.” What should be remembered is Biden at this time was not particularly that young when he made many of these comments, even in 1973 Biden was 30 years old and a state Senator for Delaware.

Trump must pressure Biden on his long history of racist remarks, “poor kids can be just as smart, just as educated as white kids” in 2019, his “racial jungle” comments in 1977, and just this week, “the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf.” 


Joe’s record is so bad, that even Kamala Harris objected to Joe’s record on race, during the Democratic Party primary debates. Trump must attack Joe on every one of these comments, and all the ones I missed, even the ones he has apologized for, since the playbook clearly allows for that when it comes to Trump. Press him on the Goebbels comment, when Joe Biden recently compared Donald Trump to Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. 

Holocaust and Nazi relativism has long been a political tool, primarily of the left, but rarely by people in such high positions as a presidential candidate. Trump should ask Joe Biden what his present relationship is with Al Sharpton, who is widely regarded as an anti-semite and a close supporter and friend of Louis Farrkhan, they have been photographed together numerous times. 

I know it is ridiculous to assume or ask that Trump bring this all up at the next debate, or that he have Vice President Mike Pence bring it up at the VP debate, but this is a decent sampling of the hateful record that Biden has, Trump would be wise to bring up, at least some of these points, both at the next debate and whenever he is again asked to denounce and disavow white supremacy.

Yehuda Steiner

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